​​​​​​​Acquiring weapons/parts from overseas

If you are importing a weapon:

  1. You will need to hold the appropriate licence, authority or legislated ability to possess this item in Queensland; and
  2. You will need to apply for and be in possession of a B709 Import Permit. Forward the completed application form to Weapons Licensing.

Before you import any weapons from overseas you must ascertain:

  1. If you can lawfully import the weapon
  2. If you require a licence to possess this weapon in Queensland; and
  3. If a Permit to Acquire is required (a Permit to Acquire is required for any weapon that requires registration to a Queensland Weapons Licence).

Further information on importing weapons is available from

Australian Border Force      Attorney Generals Department        Australian Federal Police

Acquiring ammunition from overseas

If you are importing ammunition:

There is no longer any necessity to hold a licence to import ammunition issued by the Department Of Natural Resources and Mines (Explosive Inspectorate). A licence issued under the Weapons Act 1990 provides authority to import ammunition.

International visitors

International Visitors who wish to bring their weapons into Australia should refer to the visitingQueensland section of this website.

Restricted firearms 

Whilst most common types of firearms can be brought into Australia under a permit, importers should note that there are restrictions for the following types of firearms:

  • Semi-automatic centre fire rifles
  • High capacity semi-automatic rimfire rifles or shotguns
  • High capacity pump-action shotguns
  • Fully automatic firearms; and
  • Centre fire rifles with high magazine capacity.