​​​​​​In certain circumstances, you might need to provide supporting documentation with your application for a Permit to Acquire.

This applies if you are acquiring a weapon for any of the following reasons:

Category H weapon for Sports or Target Shooting

Certification from a member of the governing body of your pistol club, stating that you are a current member of the club and the weapon is required to engage in shooting activities as a member of the club. See Requirements for Category H - Pistol Club for more information.

Requirements for Collectors

A Form 31 (Certificate of Inoperability) for permanently deactivated weapons will need to be obtained from an Armourer. Other documentation is required for temporarily inoperable weapons. See Requirements for Collectors for more information.

Requirements for a weapon in safekeeping

If the person you are purchasing the weapon from is not the registered owner of the weapon a Letter of Authority is not required as the owner is required to sign the Permit to Acquire once it is issued. The registered owner's details will print on the PTA and they authorise the sale when they sign the PTA.

If the registered owner will not be able to sign the Permit to Acquire, a Letter of Authority may be required, please contact Weapons Licensing on 07 3015 7777 from 9.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, for advice on your situation.

Should you require a Letter of Authorisation, it must confirm details of the weapon, permit the sale and disposal of the nominated weapon.