​​​New Weapons Licences, Licence Renewals and Permit to Acquire online

Individuals and businesses can now apply online for a New ​Weapons Licence​, Licence Renewal or Permit to Acquire​.

Read the hints and tips and watch the video overview before you start your online application.

Extension of Firearms Licence/s

Effective from 1 July 2013, for those applications lodged on or after this date, legislation has been amended to:

  • Extend the term of Category A and B licences from five years to a term of not more than ten years
  • Extend the term of a Permit to Acquire from three to six months.

Be prepared 

Supporting Documents

The supporting documentation you need to supply with your new licence application will depend on the class of licence and the reason for your application (your genuine reason). In certain circumstances, you might also need to provide supporting documentation with your application for a PTA and/or Licence Renewal.

Supporting documentation and licence photographs are mandatory for the lodgement of new licence applications online and the failure to submit the correct documentation will result in delays in processing your application.

To upload documentation to your application ensure the files are: 

  • saved to your computer as PDF, TIFF, JPEG or GIF files 
  • are legible; and 
  • are no larger than 2MB per file.

A current photograph for your licence is required for the submission of all new licence applications and this can be saved to your computer as any valid image format. Refer to your courtesy renewal package and your Form 6B for further information on licence photograph requirements for your licence renewal application.

If you are unable to upload supporting documentation for your PTA or Licence Renewal application, fax, email or mail the documentation to Weapons Licensing​, quoting your reference number.

The confirmation screen will display a list of the documentation required to be provided with your application. It is recommended you print this page and attach it to the documents if you select the options to fax, email or mail the documents to Weapons Licensing.

Contact local clubs and dealers for assistance

Applicants, you are strongly encouraged to contact your local club or dealer about assisting you to complete your licence application, and ensure the required documentation is submitted. Before you attend your local club or dealer, please refer to the Weapons Licensing website and be aware of the required documentation for your genuine reason.

The club or dealer will;

  • Ensure you have the required documentation; and
  • Encourage you to and assist you to complete the Weapons Applications Online (WAO) application form

Passport quality photograph

  • The photograph you supply with your new licence application should be:
    • no more than six (6) months old
    • be a close up image of your head and top of your shoulders and show you looking straight at the camera
    • clearly show your face and eyes - no hats or sunglasses
    • be clear and in sharp focus; and
    • have a plain light coloured background
  • Your licence photo can be saved as any valid image format and should also be no larger than 2MB.

Refer to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for general passport quality photograph guidelines


  • You can pay for your online application using either a credit or debit Visa or Mastercard.
  • The system will automatically calculate the fee you need to pay.

Systems requirements

To apply online you will need:

  • an ADSL or Broadband internet connection; and
  • the latest version of any major internet browser eg. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari etc.

Change your Details

Have you changed your home or postal address or weapons storage address?

Complete the new online Change in Circumstances form.​