​​​A Dealer is a person, other than an Armourer or Theatrical Ordnance Supplier, who carries on the business, whether or not for reward or benefit: 

  • of acquiring, selling or otherwise disposing of weapons in any way; or
  • for trade or business, displays a weapon for sale; or
  • possesses a weapon for sale.

A dealer's licence authorises the licensee to carry on the business of-

  • buying, selling,transferring or brokering any weapons (other than category R weapons or restricted category M weapons) stated on the licence; and
  • brokering the acquisition of any permanently inoperable or blank-fire weapons in category R by the holder of a theatrical ordnance supplier's licence, or of any permanently inoperable weapons in category R by the holder of a collector's licence (weapons); and
  • receiving, dispatching,repairing or storing weapons. 

Dealers Associate

The Weapons Act 1990 defines a Dealer's Associate as a person other than a financial institution who:

  • holds or will hold a relevant financial interest in the business or proposed business of the licensed dealer or applicant; or
  • may be entitled to exercise a relevant power, whether in the person’s own right or for someone else, in the business or proposed business; or
  • holds a relevant position, whether in the person’s own right or for someone else, in the business or proposed business of the licensed dealer or the applicant.

The relevant position mentioned above means, a position that entitles the holder of the position to participate in the management of the business whether as director, manager, secretary or in any other capacity.

The relevant power mentioned above means, a power whether exercisable by voting or otherwise and whether exercisable alone or in association with others to:

  • participate in any managerial or executive decision of the business or proposed business; or
  • elect or appoint a person to a relevant position in the business or proposed business.

To register the details of a Licensed Dealers Associate complete Form 34.

Dealer’s Employee

Under section 70 of the Weapons Act 1990, any employee who handles weapons must hold a licence. These employees, under section 70, would be qualified weapons employees and they must be:

  • at least 18 years; and
  • hold a weapons licence

In the course of employment as a qualified weapons employee, a person may possess any category of weapon his or her employer is authorised to possess.

Applicants for this type of licence need to provide a letter from their employer stating that they are an employee of the business and need to access weapons as part of their everyday duties. 

Endorsement of Category M crossbows

Should you wish to trade in crossbows only your dealer’s licence will be endorsed for Category M crossbows as defined under section 7A (g) of the Weapons Categories Regulations 1997.


As a result of changes to the Explosives Act 1999, from 1 July 2003 a person requires a licence or authority issued under the Weapons Act 1990 to possess ammunition. A dealer must be satisfied that the person who is purchasing the ammunition is the holder of a licence or authority. The only way a dealer can be satisfied is to sight a licence.

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