(Form 10, Form 16) and Annual Return​

A Dealer is required to maintain the following:
  • Dealer's Register - Register of Transaction Involving a Weapon – Licensed Dealer/Armourer/Collector/Theatrical Ordnance (Form 16)
  • Notice of Transaction Involving a Weapon – Dealers Advice Book (Form 10s)

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For a step by step visual guide on how to complete the registers and forms required for licensed Dealers and Armourers download the Dealers &Armourers Information Pack.

A Dealer is also required to complete an Annual Return.

Dealer’s Register

This is the Dealer’s record of all transactions involving a weapon coming into or leaving the Dealer’s possession.  You will be required to produce this register to police for inspection at any reasonable time. 

This register is to be retained by the licensee until the licence is surrendered, suspended or revoked, at which time the licence and the register must be surrendered to the local police for forwarding to Weapons Licensing where a full desk top audit and reconciliation will be conducted.  On ceasing to trade, all registers are to be surrendered to police to enable a reconciliation of the register.

The Dealer must notify an authorised officer, using the approved form (Form 10), of each transaction involving a weapon within 14 days of the transaction, by registered post (section 103(3) of the Weapons Regulation 2016).

A register can also be a computer register approved by the Commissioner.  If using a computer register, the licensed dealer must, no later than the seventh day of each month:

  • produce a printout of the part of the register that records information about transactions that took place within the previous month; and
  • bind the printout in book form with all the other printouts produced under this subsection of the licence.  This printout must also include a statement that identifies all weapons held under the licence as at the end of the previous month by their type, action, make, mode, serial number, calibre or magazine capacity.

A firearm is deemed to be unlawfully in possession of the dealer if it is not entered in the register without reasonable excuse.

Form 10 – Notice of Transactions Involving a Weapon

Form 10 is required whenever a dealer acquires or disposes of a firearm.  The only exception is where the transaction is a brokerage of a sale where a Permit to Acquire is provided.  The Form 10 must have full details of each transaction and details of the weapon, including serial number for major component parts other than barrels.

Where a firearm has been handed in to be made permanently inoperable, the firearm must be forwarded to the Armourer with a Form 10.

Permit to Acquire (PTA) and Notice of Disposal (NOD)

The PTA/NOD allows Weapons Licensing to register firearms on licences.  Generally, licensees cannot acquire firearms without a PTA and cannot dispose of a firearm to another licensee unless they sight the other person’s PTA.

Once the transaction has occurred, the acquirer must take the firearm and PTA to a Dealer so that it can be brokered.  This allows the serial number to be checked by the dealer and allows Weapons Licensing to transfer registered possession of the weapon to the new owner.

Section 35(2) of the Weapons Act 1990 states:

If the weapon is acquired from a licensed dealer or the acquisition happens through a licensed dealer or police officer:

  1. The acquirer must give the Dealer or the police officer a copy of the Permit to Acquire; and
  2. The Dealer must give to an authorised officer the copy of the Permit to Acquire and the information prescribed under a regulation within the time and in the way prescribed under the regulation.

Section 103(3) of the Weapons Regulation 2016 states that information of each transaction (the Notice of Disposal) under this section must be sent by registered post to the Authorised Officer to reach Weapons Licensing within 14 days of the acquisition.

Annual Return

Each year a licensed dealer must give an authorised officer particulars of all weapons held in stock as at the beginning of the anniversary day for the dealer’s licence.  This must be completed on a Form 12 – Dealers Annual Return​ and forwarded to Weapons Licensing within two (2) months of the anniversary day of the licence.

If the licensed dealer cannot return the Form 12 – Dealers Annual Return within the two (2) month timeframe, the licensed dealer may request an extension to this.  Your anniversary date falls on the initial issue date of your dealers licence and may not be the same as the expiry date printed on the licence card itself.  If you are unsure of the initial issue date of your licence, please contact Weapons Licensing (07) 3015 7777.

It is the dealers responsibility to ensure that the annual return is completed each year and Weapons Licensing may not send you a reminder in relation to these. ​