​​​​​​Dealers/Armourers/Theatrical Ordnance Suppliers

Sections 78 - 87 of the Weapons Regulation 2016 provide the legislative requirements for the secure storage of weapons registered to a Dealer, Armourer or Theatrical Ordnance Supplier licence.

The storage requirements for these types of licences are at a higher level than that of a firearms licence holder, due to the ability of the licensee to possess and trade in high risk and larger number of weapons. These sections outline specific requirements for:

  • how weapons may be stored
  • floors
  • walls
  • ceiling
  • external doors
  • grills for windows and shopfront doors
  • burglar alarms; and
  • vaults and safes; and general requirements for gun racks.

Contact Weapons Licensing to arrange an inspection of premises. If establishing new premises or prior to modifying existing premises, it is recommended that contact is made with Weapons Licensing prior to commencement of construction or purchase, to ensure the premises are compliant with the relevant sections of the Weapons Regulation 2016.

Security Organisations

Section 75 of the Weapons Regulation 2016 states that an organisation that holds a Security Licence - Organisation must take reasonable precautions to ensure that weapons under the licence are not accessible to a person other than an endorsed representative or an employee of the organisation who holds a Security Licence (Guard) or Firearms Licence (Instructor). 

To ensure the secure storage of weapons registered to your licence Weapons Regulation 1996 also outlines the legislative requirements regarding:

  • vaults
  • vault doors; and
  • safes.