​Ensure you are aware of the general requirements for applying for a weapons licence.

You can now apply online for a Weapons Licence, submit all the documents and pay using credit/debit Mastercard or Visa.

You can still apply for a licence using a paper application form. You will need to submit it along with the required documentation and payment at a police station.

Below you will find the supporting documentation requirements and specific information for your genuine reason. Failure to submit all the required documentation will result in delays in processing your application.

Applying for a Security Licence (Guard) – Business (Category H only)

This licence relates to a person who is seeking to protect their own property and not provide any security services to others.

To apply for a Security Licence (Guard) - Business you will need to provide the following documents with your application:

  • Proof of address
  • A Statement of Attainment as proof of your successful completion of the approved training course for Security Licence (Guard), issued within the last twelve months detailing the date the certificate was awarded, the categories of weapons in which you have been deemed competent and the name of the registered training provider
  • A copy of the registered business or company name providing details of the type of enterprise (eg. sole proprietor or partnership, etc), including the extract detailing the office holders of the business/company
  • Advice as to the risks you have identified and what action has been taken to reduce these risks
  • Advice as to incidents you have been involved with either directly or indirectly
  • An outline any other alternative measures that may be available other than the issue of a licence of this type
  • Details addressing why your need to possess a weapon is greater than the need to ensure public safety
  • Details of how the carriage of a loaded weapon in public will reduce the risk to the community and yourself
  • Details of current security measures relevant to the protection of the valuables. This may include security at a place (eg. residence) or during transport
  • Details of the security organisation currently protecting the valuables
  • Advice as to the banking facilities used and the frequency of this banking
  • Advice as to why alternate security or business practices cannot be utilised
  • Details of any special circumstances that support the application for this licence (eg. isolation, disability)
  • Verification of the property/valuables being protected. Evidence may include:
    • copies of bank statements
    • copies of invoices / receipts relating to the sale or purchase of property/stock which is being protected; and
    • other documents confirming the said property (eg. asset statements)
  • A description of the business activities where the weapon is required. This should include the following details:
    • when the weapon will be in possession
    • where the weapon will be in possession; and
    • how often the weapon will be in possession
  • A description of the facilities in place for the storage of weapons, including details of the safe/vault location, construction and weight; and
  • Current passport quality photograph.

Note: This licence does not permit the licensee to engage in security services for other persons.