​​​​​​​A Security Guard is defined in section 6B of the Weapons Act 1990 as a person who patrols, protects, watches over or guards (protects) the person’s property or other persons or other person’s property:

  • in the course of carrying on a business; or
  • in the course of employment.

However, the following persons are not Security Guards:

  • a person who protects property if the protection is carried out in the course of primary production; and
  • a person, other than a security organisation, who engages someone else to protect property for the person. 

For information on how to apply for a Security Licence select from the options below:

Security Licence (Guard) - Employee: a Security Guard employed by a Security Organisation.

Security Licence (Guard) - Sole Provider: a Security Guard who works as a sole provider.

Security Licence (Guard) - Business: relates to a person seeking to protect their own property and does not provide security services to others.

Security Licence - Organisation: relates to persons or bodies seeking to provide security services by licensed employees.

For specific information about Security Licences and your responsibilities, refer to sections 123-129 of the Weapons Act 1990 and sections 61-76 of the Weapons Regulation 2016.

Moving from Interstate – Applying for a Security Licence (Guards only)

To hold a Queensland Security Licence you will need to complete the licence application form for the relevant licence listed above and provide all the required documentation including safety course certificates. This is required regardless of whether you have a current interstate security licence or have completed a security licence safety course interstate. 

You must also provide a copy of your Queensland Security Officer’s licence endorsed with Cash in Transit which is issued by the Office of Fair Trading.​