​​A Theatrical Ordnance Supplier's Licence may be issued to an individual or body that carries on a business of supplying, on a temporary basis, weapons for use in theatrical, film or television productions. The supply of the weapons must not incur any change of ownership of the weapons.

This licence authorises the possession of and supply of blank-fire, replica or permanently inoperable firearms only. Limited weapons that are not firearms under Category R may also be licensed. Section 39 of the Weapons Regulation 2016 stipulates the types of weapons that can be registered to this type of licence. 

Sections 115-122 of the Weapons Act 1990 and sections 39 - 40 Weapons Regulation 2016 provide specific information on this type of licence. 

Theatrical Ordnance Employees

Under section 116 of the Weapons Act 1990, any employee who handles weapons must hold a licence. These employees, under section 116, would be qualified weapons employees and they must be:

  • at least 18 years; and
  • hold a weapons licence.

In the course of employment as a qualified weapons employee, a person may possess any category of weapon that his or her employer is authorised to possess.

Applicants for this type of licence need to provide a letter from their employer stating that they are an employee of the business and need to access weapons as part of their everyday duties. 

How to apply for a Theatrical Ordnance Supplier's Licence

Persons using Theatrical Ordnance supplied firearms

A person may have physical possession of and use a weapon supplied to the person by a Theatrical Ordnance Supplier for use in a theatrical film or television production if the use is personally supervised by the Theatrical Ordnance Suppliers Licence holder.​