​​This is the Theatrical Ordnance Supplier’s record of all transactions involving a weapon coming into the Theatrical Ordnance Supplier’s possession.  You will be required to produce this register to police for inspection at any reasonable time.

This register is to be retained by the licensee until the licence is surrendered, suspended or revoked, at which time the licence and the register must be surrendered to the local police for forwarding to Weapons Licensing where a full desk top audit and reconciliation will be conducted. On ceasing to trade, all registers are to be surrendered to police to enable reconciliation.

The Theatrical Ordnance Supplier must notify an authorised officer, using the approved form (Form 10), of each transaction involving a weapon within 14 days of the transaction, by registered post (section 103(3) of the Weapons Regulation 2016).

A licensed Theatrical Ordnance Supplier is deemed to be unlawfully in possession of a firearm if the firearm is not entered in the register without reasonable excuse.

Keeping a register of Theatrical Ordnance Weapons for use in theatrical, film or television production

Section 119 of the Weapons Act 1990 stipulates that a licensed Theatrical Ordnance Supplier must personally supervise a person who has been supplied with their firearms to ensure it is being properly used. 

A licensed Theatrical Ordnance Supplier must immediately enter each transaction of the acquisition, sale, supply, rental or transfer of a weapon in the ordnance register.

Annual Return

The Weapons Act 1990  section 121 requires every licensed Theatrical Ordnance Supplier to furnish, in the approved form (Form 12 – Licence Dealers Return form), particulars of all weapons held in stock within 2 months after the anniversary day of the theatrical ordnance supplier's licence every year.  All weapons held for any purpose (other than personal weapons approved to be stored on the premises) must be recorded on the return. 

The Weapons and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012 amends s121 of the Weapons Act 1990 to allow a Theatrical Ordnance Supplier to give the authorised officer an annual return no later than two months after the anniversary date of the licence. 

Where these timeframes cannot be met the Theatrical Ordnance Supplier can apply to the authorised officer for an alternative date for that year.​