​​A group licence authorises the licensee’s officers and employees to physically possess and use the weapons for the purpose stated on the licence.  However, a group licence does not authorise a member, officer or employee of a body to possess or use a weapon unless they hold a current licence that gives them rights to possess and use a weapon of the same type as that which is to be possessed or used under the group licence.

Section 48 of the Weapons Regulation 2016 states that a group licence may be issued only to:

(a) an individual or body to satisfy an occupational need of the individual or body to possess a weapon; or

(b) to a body that is a sports or target shooting club to satisfy its needs in sports or target shooting to possess a weapon.

Weapons issued to a group licence may be possessed under the following licences, for the purpose for which those licences may be issued: 

a) a ​ firearms licence; or
b) a firearms licence (instructor); or
c) a concealable firearms licence; or
d) a miscellaneous weapons licence.

How to apply for a group licence