​​General Information

A person must not conduct a Weapons Club unless it is approved by an Authorised Officer.  The Authorised Officer may approve a Weapons Club only if satisfied of the primary purpose of the club. 

Primary purpose of the club

  • Crossbow club (archery organisation conducting sports and target shooting)
  • Crossbow club (demonstration of category M crossbows for historical or military re-enactment)
  • Crossbow club (training in the use of category M crossbows by an organisation for historical or military re-enactment; or
  • A recreational shooting club.

Crossbow club

Crossbow club can be–

  • an archery organisation;
  • a historical or military re-enactment organisation that demonstrates the use of category M crossbows; or
  • a genuine historical or military re-enactment organisation that gives training in the use of category M crossbows.

Recreational Shooting club

A Recreational Shooting club is an approved organisation or an association that engages in the sport of hunting using Category A and/or B weapons, and/or Category M crossbows.

Application process

An application for a Weapons Club Licence must be made using, Form 15G - Application for approval of a weapons club, and lodged at a police station with the required documentation and prescribed fees.  When completing this form the applicant must specify the primary purpose of the club. 

There are different annexures that may be used by the applicant.  If the primary purpose is:

  • historical/military re-enactment or demonstration use - complete and lodge Form 15G - Annexure historical or military re-enactment, demonstration use. Category M only.
  • historical or military re-enactment training only - complete and lodge Form 15 G - Annexure  historical or military re-enactment Training only. Category M only.
  • recreational shooting - complete and lodge Form 15G - Annexure Recreational Shooting.  Categories A, B and M only
  • sports target shooting - complete and lodge Form 15 G - Annexure Sports Target Shooting.  Category M only.

Select one annexureand include it with your application. 

You must also provide the following documentation when applying for sports target shooting purposes:

  • Documentation from the weapons club supporting a member of the Association/Club to be the representative
  • A list of the members of the governing body of the weapons club including full name, address, date of birth and details of any Weapons Act licences held 
  • A copy of the weapons club or proposed weapons club rules and/or constitution
  • Details of the proposed shooting disciplines to be conducted by the club
  • Details of any affiliation with any shooting organisation or association (eg. Sporting Shooters Association of Australia or Queensland Rifle Association, Archery Associations)
  • Details of any affiliation with any historical association (State, National and/or International)
  • Details of your Public Liability Insurer
  • A list containing between 10 and 30 names of the proposed initial weapons club members, including full name, address, date of birth and details of any Weapons Act licences held
  • Provide information that demonstrates your knowledge and understanding of the safety obligations of an approved weapons club
  • For recreational shooting, details of standard operating procedures for each property owned or approved for recreational shooting, to prevent the risk of death or injury to members and others when conducting recreational shooting on the property/ies; and
  • Details of all construction, equipment and the location of the proposed range site (category M only)
  • Details of any firing rights that have been arranged with another approved club or association for use on their approved shooting range. (category M only)

Re-approval of your Weapons Club approval

Weapons club approvals are issued for 5 years.  Prior to expiry, a new application using Form 15G and the required annexure is required if you wish to retain a current approval.  Applications can be lodged prior to expiry in order to eliminate interruption to members or competitions.​