​​​​​​​​Can I check my eligibility before applying for a licence?  Am I fit and proper to apply for a licence?
Yes you can check your eligibility before applying for a licence.  The main reference when an Authorised Officer is determining whether an applicant/licence holder is a fit and proper person to be issued with a licence is Section 10B of the Weapons Act 1990.

Further information on explanation of fitand proper and who can apply for a licence.

I have extensive military experience; can I get an exemption from the safety course?
No, the legislation does not provide for exemption under these circumstances.  Inquiries should be made with the training provider to determine if recognition of prior learning is appropriate.  A Training Provider is a person who conducts weapons safety training courses.

Further information about Safety Courses.

I am moving from Interstate do I have to do a safety course?
No, providing you hold a current weapons licence in your previous State endorsed for the Category of weapon that you wish to apply for in Queensland.  You must provide copies of your Interstate licence as verification.

Re-applying for the same category of licence within 12 months of expiry
If you were the holder of one of the following type of licenses (collector’s licence (heirloom); collector’s licence (weapons); concealable firearms licence; firearms licence or minor’s licence) and your previous licence expired within the last 12 months you can re-apply without having to complete a safety course providing the previous licence was no longer in force and had not been suspended or revoked under the Act.