​​​​​​​Who can apply using WAO?
Permanent Queensland residents may apply for a Queensland Weapons Licence, Licence Renewal or Permit to Acquire (PTA) using WAO provided certain eligibility criteria can be satisfied. Ensure you are eligible to apply for and/or renew a ​ Queensland weapons licence or PTA.  

If you are visiting Queensland temporarily and wish to possess or use firearms see the visiting Queensland section of this website for more information.

How do I enter a postal address?
If you select the postal address checkbox the screen will expand to allow you to enter a postal address that is different from your residential address e.g. a post office box or mail service. Select the Address Type from the radio buttons. Then the PO Box or Mail Service etc. number should be entered in the Name/Lot on Plan field. Complete the remaining fields as per the Residential Address section.

I am trying to upload my photograph but the system says it is too large?
If you have scanned a hard copy passport photograph make sure you have only scanned one photograph not the panel of six or eight images. When it is scanned ensure it is saved as a jpeg image. Right click on the file and select Properties to see how large the file size is. The system limits files sizes to 2MB or less.

Alternatively you can take a photograph of yourself using a digital camera or your phone and load it onto your computer to upload into your application. The online form has an editing tool that allows you to crop the photograph to frame your head and shoulders.

NOTE: To be considered passport quality a photograph needs to:
• have a plain light coloured background
• be of your head and top of your shoulders
• show you looking straight at the camera
• be no more than six months old
• be close up, clear and in sharp focus; and
• clearly show your face and eyes – no hat or sunglasses.

Why do I keep getting an error message when I enter my Weapons Licence Number or the Dealer’s Licence Number?
You need to enter the first eight (8) digits of the Licence number with no spaces or any other characters. Do not enter the dash or the last two numbers of the Licence number.

Why do I keep getting an error message when I enter my Weapons Licence expiry date?
First, check you are using the correct numbers from the physical licence card.  If you have received a Date of Birth extension letter from Weapons Licensing you will have been given a new licence expiry date. You must use the date stated on the letter not the date that appears on your licence card. If you are still having difficulties, your expiry date may have been extended to your date of birth however, you may not have received a letter to this effect. If you suspect this is the case, please contact Weapons Licensing on
(07) 30157777 for further information.

What is a Letter of Authority?
If you have selected “No” to the question “is the firearm/weapon you are acquiring held by the registered owner? You will be asked to upload a “Letter of Authority” from the registered owner giving permission for you to acquire the weapon. To determine if you have answered this question correctly and whether you need to supply a letter of authority review information on safekeeping.

What documents do I need to supply with my Weapons Licence application?
As a minimum requirement new applicants for a Weapons Licence will need to supply a passport quality photograph for use on the Licence card.​

A copy of the Statement of Attainment for a Firearms Safety course is required if you have never previously held a Weapons Licence or it is more than 12 months since your previous Weapons Licence expired. 

You may also need to supply documents relating to evidence of licence history, firearms possession, change of name and/or medical clearance depending on your answers to those questions in the application form.

The other type of documents you may need to supply with your application will depend upon the type of licence you are applying for. Read the information supplied under the Licence section for full details.

What proof of address do I need to supply with my application?
You can supply documents such as your rates notice, electricity or phone bill or bank statement as long as they are in your name and show your residential address.

Alternatively a copy of your Queensland Drivers Licence is appropriate. If you have a new Queensland Drivers Licence or your laminated licence has a change of address sticker on the reverse you must provide a copy of both sides of the Licence.

What if I have provided incorrect details on my submitted application?
WAO has navigation buttons allowing you to move back and forward through your application to confirm the information supplied is correct.

Additionally, prior to submitting and paying for your application there is an Application Summary screen allowing you to confirm the information provided is accurate.

If you believe you have provided incorrect information on your submitted application, please contact Weapons Licensing quoting your application reference number.

The confirmation screen says I need to supply more documents than I think I need to, what should I do?
Not all documents listed on the confirmation screen are required for every Weapons Licence application. For example, the “Medical” document will not be required unless you indicated you have a medical condition.  “Change of Name”, “Evidence of Licence History” and “Firearms Possession” documentation are only required if you answered “Yes” to these questions in your application.

I’m having trouble completing the application, is there help available?
Yes. If you are having trouble completing a particular section on the WAO forms, a help button is located at the bottom left hand corner of each screen.  The button directs you to a help page containing information appropriate to the screen you are currently on.

Can I go to any police station to do my identification check?
Yes. When you are notified by Weapons Licensing to attend a police station to undergo your 100 point identification check you will be requested to attend your local police station based on your residential address. However, if it is more convenient for you to attend another police station you may do so.

 What do I need to supply for my identification check?
Correspondence is sent to the applicant to advise them when they are due to attend the station and present themself, together with a printed copy of the correspondence with the appropriate proof of identification to complete their identification check, The table below indicates the documents which can be provided to the police station as identification

You are required to present one (1) primary and two (2) secondary original documents as proof of your identity.


Primary - Provide only (1) One

Secondary - Provide any (2) Two

Australian Photo Driver Licence
(current or expired less than 2 years)
Other Photo ID - e.g. Student ID
Australian or Foreign Passport
(current or expired less than 2 years)
Medicare Card
Australian Weapons Licence
(current or expired less than 2 years)
Credit Card/Financial Institution Debit Card
QLD or Federal Police Officer Photo ID
Dept of Veterans Affairs/Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
Australian Defence Force Photo ID
Named bill (e.g. rates, telephone)
Australian Birth certificate
(only accepted for a Minor’s Application)
Rental lease agreement


I want to shop around a number of weapons dealers before I acquire a weapon can I still apply online?
No, to apply online you need to supply details of the individual or business that you are acquiring the weapon from. If you want to shop around you will need to complete a paper application for a Permit to Acquire. Even if you apply using a paper application, you will still be required to supply minimum weapon details.

What documents do I need to supply with my PTA application?
In certain circumstances you may need to supply supporting documentation with your PTA application. This applies if you are acquiring a weapon for any of the following reasons:
• Category H weapon for Sports of Target Shooting
• Requirements for Collectors
• Requirements for a weapon in safekeeping
• If the weapon is being disposed from a deceased estate.

Why haven’t I received my PTA?
The mandatory waiting period for an initial PTA is 28 days from the date the application is lodged. If you applied online for a Weapons Licence at the same time as your PTA, the PTA cannot be issued until the Weapons License is issued and the 28 day mandatory waiting period has passed.

Applicants who do not provide sufficient information or supporting documentation will experience delays in processing or possible rejection of the application.

If the permit to acquire has been issued, there is a chance it has gone missing with Australia Post, a Form 3 should be completed in this circumstance.

What is Weapons Application Online (WAO)?
Weapons Applications Online or WAO is a service offered by the Queensland Police Service. WAO allows Queensland residents and representatives of Queensland businesses to apply and pay for a New Licence, Licence Renewal or Permit to Acquire (PTA) over the internet - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.​

Apply online for a New Weapons Licence, Licence Renewal​, or PTA​ now.

At this time Weapons Licence applications and PTAs are the only applications available online. Apply online for a Weapons Licence or PTA now.

Can I renew my licence using WAO?
Yes. Please see Renewing your Weapons Licence​ for more information.

Why should I use WAO?
WAO is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This means at a time and place convenient for you, you can:

  • apply for a Weapons Licence or PTA online
  • provide all supporting documentation; and
  • pay using Visa or Mastercard (credit or debit) without the need to visit your local police station.

An application submitted using WAO allows your application to be processed efficiently and without unnecessary delay as it is submitted directly to Weapons Licensing.

What do I require to apply using WAO?
To make an application using WAO you must have access to an email address and a valid credit/debit Visa or Mastercard for payment.​

Ensure you are eligible to apply or renew a Queensland Weapons Licence or PTA.

What documentation is required to be submitted with my online application?
The supporting documentation you need to supply with your new licence application will depend on the class of licence and the reason for your application (your genuine reason). In certain circumstances, you might also need to provide​ supporting documentation with your application for a PTA and Licence Renewal.

Supporting documentation and licence photographs are mandatory for the lodgement of new licence applications online and failure to submit the correct documentation will result in delays in processing your application.​

To upload documentation to your application ensure the files are:
• saved to your computer as PDF, TIFF, JPEG or GIF files
• are legible; and
• are no larger than 2MB per file.

A current photograph is required for the submission of all new licence applications and this can be saved to your computer as any valid image format. Refer to your courtesy renewal pack and your Form 6B for further information on licence photograph requirements for your licence renewal application. ​

If you can't upload supporting documentation for your PTA or Licence Renewal application, fax, email or mail them to ​Weapons Licensing, quoting your reference number.

The confirmation screen will display a list of the documentation required to be provided with your application. It is recommended you print this page and attach it to the documents if you select the options to fax, email or mail the documents to Weapons Licensing.​

Can I apply for a New Licence Application and a PTA at the same time?
Yes. WAO has the ability to allow you to apply for a New Licence Application and a PTA at the same time.

Once you have successfully submitted your Licence Application you will be given a reference number which can be used to apply for a PTA without the need to wait for your licence to be issued.

Will the fees be cheaper if I apply online?
Standard fees apply for weapons licensing and are governed by legislation. For further information please see Weapons Licensing Fees.

How do I pay for my online application?
You are able to securely pay for your online application using a valid credit/debit Visa or Mastercard on the Declaration & Payment screen. 

Payment for your application must be received in full to successfully submit your application to Weapons Licensing.

How long will it take to complete my online form?
The amount of time it takes to complete the online forms varies depending on the type and complexity of your application. However, WAO applications once successfully submitted are received at Weapons Licensing instantly. This allows the whole application process to be completed without unnecessary delay.

Please note: Your application will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity and you will have to start the application again. The application cannot be saved and must be completed and paid for in full for a successful submission.

Do the online forms have the same questions as the paper based applications?
The WAO applications have the same questions as the paper based form, however the WAO applications have mandatory fields that must be completed so as to not hinder the processing of the applications.​

What happens after I apply using WAO?
After your application has been submitted and successful payment received, you can expect the following to occur:

  • your application is submitted directly to Weapons Licensing
  • a confirmation email is sent to the email provided during the online application containing your application case reference and your payment receipt number. A copy of this email should be kept for your records
  • if you have not uploaded all required documentation to your application ensure you mail the documentation to Weapons Licensing, quoting your reference number. Your application can not be fully processed until all required documents are received
  • Weapons Licensing will begin to assess your application and should it be required, a member of Weapons Licensing may contact you regarding your application
  • for new applicants for a Weapons Licence a 100 point ID check may be required and you will be notified if this is the case; and
  • Weapons Licensing will complete the assessment of your application and you will be notified of the outcome.

Can I still apply for a new licence or a PTA at a police station?
Yes, you can still apply for a New Licence, Licence Renewal or PTA at a Queensland police station, this process will not change. Your application together with the supporting documentation and applicable fee can be lodged in person.​

Who can I contact about my application?
Weapons Licensing can be contacted via email for WAO enquiries.

Please see Licence Application for further information on applying for a New Licence. ​

Please see Process for acquiring a weapon for further information on applying for a Permit to Acquire.

Please see Renewing your Weapons Licence​ for further information on renewing your licence. ​

Apply online for a new licence or PTA now or download a paper application form.