​What is the minimum age that a person can use a weapon at a Range?

Under the provisions of the Weapons Act 1990 and the Weapons Regulation 2016, there is ability for an 11 year old person to attend a Range and discharge a firearm as either a licensed or an unlicensed person under supervision.

What documentation must be completed by an adult unlicensed shooter prior to them being able to use a firearm on an approved range?

A Form 33 or Form 33A needs to be completed prior to using a firearm on an approved range.  Photographic identification is required to be produced.

Difference between form 33 and form 33A – which one do I use?

There is no difference between the two forms except for the format.  Form 33 relates to one unauthorised/unlicensed person whereas a Form 33A relates to multiple persons who are unauthorised/unlicensed.   The questions are exactly the same on both forms.  It is up to the individual club or association to decide which form is most relevant to their club’s usage.

Can an airsoft firearm be used at a Range?

No.  There are currently within Queensland no approved ranges conducting sports or target shooting allowing Airsoft firearms.  Furthermore, these firearms cannot be possessed for recreational shooting.  Airsoft weapons, under current legislation, irrespective of muzzle velocity, cannot be lawfully possessed in Queensland.  Unlawful possession of such weapons may result in prosecution for weapons related offences.

Further information on categories of weapons.

Who can sign a Club Approval for Acquisition of a Pistol by a Club Member?

Any person from the club’s governing body.

When must the Club advise Weapons Licensing that a member has stopped being a member of the Club?

Written notification must be forwarded to Weapons Licensing within 14 days after the member stops being a member of the Club or is expelled from the Club.

Can a practice shoot count towards my participation shoots?

Yes, if you are the registered owner of at least one (1) Category H weapon in each of two (2) or more classes and provided that you have completed at least six (6) handgun shooting competitions, the difference can be made up of practice shoots.  In order for these practice shoots to be counted towards your participation, they have to be signed off by the Range Officer.

If you are the registered owner of Category H weapons in one (1) class only, you must complete all six (6) shoots in handgun shooting competitions and if this class is for high calibre weapons (Class C – more than .38 inch but not more than .45 inch), all six (6) shoots in handgun shooting competitions must be accredited events.

Can a Club organised shoot for a handgun shooting competition conducted outside Queensland be counted towards the number of my participation shoots?

Yes, provided that the participation record is endorsed by an Official supervising the competition and they have stated their name and either their firearms licence number or drivers licence number on the participation record.

Who can sign the participation record for a concealable firearms licence holder?

The Range Officer on the day immediately after the match has been completed.

Can a person use a weapon that has a calibre of more than .38 inch but not more than .45 inch (Class C) on a Range? 

If you are not the holder of a concealable firearms licence for pistol club use, you may use a high calibre weapon provided it is a centre fire weapon and not a black powder non cartridge weapon only if you have completed a Form 33 or Form 33A as an unlicensed/unregistered person.

If you are the holder of a concealable firearms licence for pistol club use, you will only be able to possess and use a weapon that has a calibre of more than .38 inch but not more than .45 inch and provided that it is a centre fire only and not black powder non cartridge, if you have had your concealable firearms licence endorsed with the specific accredited event (PCS and/or PCM).

At time of lodging re-approval, does the Club need to provide the Club Constitution and Club Rules?

Providing no changes have been made since the last application, the Club will not need to provide this information again.

What if the Club doesn’t have all the documentation necessary to lodge the re-approval?  Can the Club still lodge the application?

Yes.  The application will be held at Weapons Licensing pending receipt of the necessary information.  The Club is encouraged to forward this information as soon as practical and keep Weapons Licensing informed if the Club are having any difficulties supplying the required information.

It is important that the information is provided to Weapons Licensing prior to the expiry of the Approval.  In the event that the Shooting Club Approval expires, your members will no longer be current financial members of an approved Club and be subjected to justifying their genuine reason.

In the event that it is the Range Approval that expires, your members will not be able to use the Range until such time as the Range has been re-approved.

What are my duties and responsibilities in holding a position within the Governing Body of the club/association?

You will be responsible for the conduct of the activities of the shooting club, including all required legislative returns and paper work associated with holding the position.

What criteria must I meet to be eligible to be the representative of an approved shooting club?

The authorised officer may have regard only to whether the individual has:

  • demonstrated knowledge of obligations of an approved club
  • the individual is of good repute; and
  • is a current holder of a weapons licence. 

What are the conditions of an approved pistols club’s shooting permit when accepting a person for membership?

If a person is not already a licence holder:

  • certification signed by the Authorised Officer that they are a fit and proper person to hold a licence must be provided (this is current for 3 months after the day it is signed by the authorised officer);
  • two (2) character references from persons who have known them for at least 2 years; and
  • A declaration that the person is a current member of other named approved shooting clubs or that the person is not a current member of any other approved shooting club.

If the nominated representative of the club’s shooting club permit was to be absent from the club for a lengthy period of time, what procedure should be undertaken to ensure that a representative is available for club duties.

An online Change in Business Pariculars can be completed or a Form 4C – Change of business particulars, Change of representative, and  a letter from the club’s governing body advising new representative is fit and proper to hold the position whilst the incumbent representative is away.

Which document must a club member obtain from the club in order to make an application for a Permit to Acquire a category H firearm?

A club member needs to obtain and complete a club approval for acquisition of a pistol by the member.  The approval must contain the following information:

  • The applicant’s full name and address
  • The type of weapon for which the applicant is seeking a permit to acquire
  • The number and the expiry date of the concealable licence
  • The name and approved shooting club number, of the approved shooting club of which the applicant is a member; and
  • a certificate that the applicant is a current member of the club and needs to use the weapon in shooting activities of the club or an approved shooting club affiliated with the club. 

Who can sign this application for a Permit to Acquire for a category H firearm?

This letter must be signed by the applicant and the certificate must be signed for the club by the representative confirming the above.

Other than the specific match rules, what documents dictate how a Club operates a Range?

The range approval, the club constitution and the standing orders will dictate how a club operates its range.

What is the difference between a Range Operator and a Range Officer?

A Range Operator is a person conducting (operating) an approved range for an approved shooting club and, if the approval is issued to an unincorporated body or association of persons, includes each member of the body’s or association’s governing body.

A Range Officer is a person appointed by the range operator who supervises (officiates) an approved shooting range taking all reasonable steps to ensure a person attending the range complies with all safety directions and does not contravene the Weapons Act 1990.

What are the duties of the representative as required under section 91 of the Weapons Act 1990?

The representative must exercise all reasonable diligence to ensure the shooting club, its members and all persons using a range conducted by it comply with the legislation

What are the responsibilities for the shooting club and a range officer in relation to a Range use register?

The shooting club and the range officer must ensure that the range use register keeps a record of all persons using the range and the officer must sign in accordance with regulations that they have clearly identified the person who wants to use the range.  

Section 140 of the Weapons Act 1990 requires the representative of an approved pistol club to give an authorised officer a report before 31 August each year, is this still applicable?

The Weapons and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2012,  amended section 140 of the Weapons Act 1990 (the Act) to remove the legislative requirement to provide an annual report to the authorised officer before August each year. This requirement will be replaced with random and targeted auditing. 

This amendment maintains a licensee’s obligation to keep individual participation reports under s134 of the Act, and to provide that information annually to each pistol club of which the person is a member'. 

If a member of an approved pistol club possesses one Class A handgun and two class C handguns, how many club organised shoots must the member participate in for the financial year and how many of these shoots must be handgun shooting competitions?

They must complete eight club organised shoots competition shoots; six of the shoots must be competition shoots. four out of these six shoots must be with the C class weapon. Use the participation calculator to determine how many organised shoots you need to attend.

What are the limitations on the number of concealable firearms that an individual licensee may acquire during the first year, after the issue of their first concealable firearms licence?

An individual licensee can only acquire:

  • 1 air pistol; and
  • one of the following:
    • A rim-fire pistol 
    • A centre-fire pistol; or
    • A blackpowder pistol.