​​​​​​How do I dispose of my weapon?

You may dispose of your weapon by:

  1. Delivering the weapon to a licensed dealer
  2. Delivering the weapon to a licensed armourer
  3. Delivering the weapon to a police officer; or
  4. Another licensed person who is the holder of a Permit to Acquire (the person must hold the Permit to Acquire at time of disposal).

It is unlawful for a firearms licence holder to destroy or otherwise dispose of their weapon other than by lawful means.

Weapon/s can be relinquished to the Queensland Police Service through your local police station.

Further information on disposing of firearms.

How do I sell my weapon?

You are able to sell your weapon/s to a licensed dealer.

You are only able to sell weapon/s to another licensed person who is the holder of a Permit to Acquire (the person must hold the Permit to Acquire at time of disposal).

The sale or disposal using a Permit to Acquire can occur through a licensed dealer or a police officer if the nearest licensed dealer is more than 100km from your usual place of residence and the police officer is acting in his or her official capacity.

You can dispose of weapons to a licensed dealer for consignment sale on your behalf.

Can I give my weapon away?

Yes.  The person receiving the weapon must be in possession of a valid Permit to Acquire.

What is required for weapons lodged at a police station?

A police occurrence needs to be generated and requirements at the station are to be met (e.g. you may need to sign or complete a property receipt/relinquishing order).

What do I do if my weapon has been lost or stolen?

You need to report the loss or theft of your weapon/s to your local Queensland police station. A police occurrence will then be generated.

Further information on lost or stolen weapons

What are requirements if I am asked to keep a weapon in safekeeping?

You may safekeep a weapon for a period of no longer than three (3) months, as long as you hold a current Queensland weapons licence for the same category of weapon.  Safekeeping details are to be provided to Weapons Licensing in writing.

Further information on safekeeping

What do I do if the three month period for safekeeping of weapon/s expires?

Weapons are to be disposed of by one of the following means:

  • Deliver the weapon to a licensed dealer for consignment sale or safekeeping; or
  • Surrender the weapon to your local Police Station; or
  • Return the weapon to the registered owner, if they hold a current licence; or
  •  If the weapon is to be acquired by another licensed person, a Permit to Acquire (PTA) must be obtained for the weapon. The weapon cannot be put into safekeeping with another licence holder and must be disposed by one of the above methods until the PTA has been approved.

What am I required to do if there is an error on my weapons list?

Send details of the amendment to Weapons Licensing in writing.  An amended weapons list will be posted.

I would like a new weapons list posted  (Individual licences only, not including collectors) what should I do?

Contact Weapons Licensing during business hours and a new weapons list will be forwarded to your postal address the following working day.  Should you want a weapons list posted to a different address, or faxed to you, a written request is required.