​Can I bring a firearm into Queensland for a hunting holiday from overseas?

Yes.  You will need to apply for a VisitorsLicence and a B709 - Import Permit at least 28 days prior to your arrival. 

Further information on visiting Queensland

I am moving to Australia from overseas. What do I need to do to bring my rifles, shotguns, handguns and ammunition with me?

Before moving your firearms and ammunition to Queensland you are advised to take up residence in the State, obtain a licence to possess the weapons and establish safe storage provisions.

To lawfully possess Category A and B weapons in Queensland they must be registered to a shooter's licence for sports and target shooting at an approved range or recreational shooting on landholdings with the consent of the landholder.

Category H weapons, up to .38 calibre, maybe lawfully possessed for sports and target shooting at an approved range. Handguns greater than .38 calibre and up to and including .45 calibre may be lawfully possessed for certain competitions. Those competitions being Metallic Silhouette and Single Action.

  • Bolt action rifles such as a, .308 bolt action are classified as Category B weapons in Queensland
  • 12 gauge break action shotguns are classified as Category A weapons; and
  • Handguns are classified as Category H weapons.

To lawfully import category A and B weapons and ammunition (including cases) a person must hold a Queensland shooter's licence and obtain a Form B709A (Importation of Firearms - Police Confirmation and Certification). To lawfully import category H weapons a Form B709D (Category H - Police Confirmation and Certification) is required.

Queensland weapons licences can only be issued to Queensland residents. Prior to obtaining a Queensland firearms licence a person must attend and successfully complete a weapons safe handling course relevant for the categories to the weapons they possess. When not in use, weapons must all be safely stored in accordance with safe storage requirements section 94 of the Weapons Regulation 2016.

How do I pay for a Visitors Licence?

Cheques and money orders are acceptable methods of payment for a Visitors Licence and must be in Australian Dollars – AUD.  All monies payable must be made out to the Queensland Police Service.  Alternatively, the fee can be paid by a Queensland resident at any Queensland police station and a copy of the receipt must be forwarded to Weapons Licensing.

Further information on visiting Queensland and fees

US State Department Permits

A State Department Permit may require an end user certificate for weapons to be released from another country to allow importation and release of the weapons to Australia.  These Permits are issued by the Department of Defence.  Telephone
1800 661 066 and select option 1.

Interstate licence holders visiting Queensland

There is a provision for temporary mutual recognition of interstate licences for particular purposes.

Queensland licence holders wishing to travel Interstate with weapons

If you hold a Queensland weapons licence and you wish to travel interstate with weapons, it is advisable to check with each state that you will be travelling through in order to ensure that you meet their requirements.

Contact details of interstate registries.