​​​​​Permit to Acquire

You can now apply online for a Permit to Acquire, submit any documents required and pay using credit/debit Mastercard or Visa.

To apply for a Permit to Acquire a weapon using a paper form download and complete Form 28 below and lodge and pay for your application at a Queensland Police Station.

Form 28 Application for a Permit to ​Acquire

If you have lost your PTA you can apply for a replacement by completing and submitting a Form 3 Application for replacement licence/permit to acquire.​

Importing weapons

You can now apply online for an Import Permit or complete the Form B709 below.

B709 Import Permit

Disposing of weapons

If you are required to surrender your weapons ensure that you get a Form 8 Receipt for Surrendered Weapon(s) completed.

Form 8 Receipt for surrendered weapon(s)

Deceased Estate

Where you are acquiring a firearm from a deceased estate, you are required to supply an indemnity receipt.  Please refer to ‘Acquiring weapons from a deceased estate’ for the other documents you are required to supply.

 Weapons Licensing Indemnity Receipt