​​​​​​Here you will find all the forms you need if you are applying for:

  • a Weapons Licence; and
  • a Visitor's Licence.

You can now apply online for a Weapons Licence (excluding Visitor's Licences), submit all the documents and pay using credit/debit Mastercard or Visa.


Document descriptions for online applications
Individual Weapons Licence application document descriptions​
Business Weapons Licence application​s document descriptions​


Applicants wanting to apply, using a paper form, for a new Weapons Licence should:

  • download and print the Form 1 and the relevant Form 1 Annexure
  • complete the application form and collect all the required supporting documents; and
  • attend a police station to lodge and pay for the application.


New Licence application - Form 1

Form 1 - Application for a Weapons Licence

Three new Form 1 Annexures have been added to our forms library - Recreational Shooting & Recreational Fishing, Primary Producer and Rural Employee.

Form 1 Annexures
Form 1 - Annexure - Collectors Application.pdf
Form 1 - Annexure Historical or Military Re-enactment Category M Crossbows
Form 1 - Annexure - Sports or Target Shooting
Form 1 -  Annexure Recreational Shooting and Recreational Fishing
Form 1 - Annexure Primary Producer
Form 1 -  Annexure Rural Employee
Form 1 - Annexure - Occupational - Armourer/Dealer
Form 1 - Annexure - Occupational - Security
Form 1 - Annexure - Occupational - Other
Form 1 - Annexure - Other Reasons
Other application forms
Visitors Licence
Import form is available under acquiring and disposing of weapons section
If you have lost your Weapons Licence you can apply for a replacement. Complete and submit a Form 3 Application for replacement licence/permit to acquire.