​​​​​​​​​​​​Here you will find forms to help you:

  • renew your Weapons Licence
  • apply for a replacement licence or Permit to Acquire
  • change weapons categories or conditions on your existing licence
  • change your name, home/postal/weapons storage address or licence conditions; and
  • change business particulars or representatives.

Online Forms

You can now change your address/s,contact details, name and weapons secure storage online by using the Change in Circumstances form.

If you are transferring less than 20 weapons you can apply online by using the Transfer of Weapons form

You can advise of a change of business particulars for a change of representative or other reasons using the Change of Business Particulars form

Please note the online forms can only be used if you have a valid email address.

Replacement documents

Form 3 - Application for a Replacement Licence/ Form 27 Permit to Acquire

Managing your details

Form 4A - Change of Address /Change of Name /Change of Weapon(s) Secure Storage Facility

Form 4B - Change of Weapons Category and/or Change of Condition(s) of Licence

Form 4C - Change of Business Particulars/Change of Representatives

Form 4D - Change of Business Particulars - Other reasons

Form 4E - Application for Transfer of Weapons

Form 34 Licensed Dealer Associate details

QP 0415 Firearms List (version 071212))

Licence renewals

Form 6A/6B - Application to renew a Weapons Licence

Form 6A or 6B - Guide to renewing a Weapons Act Licence (DOC, 79 KB)

Early lodgement of renewal application (to accompany Form 6A)

Form 6A/6B Renewal of Licence - Annexure - Genuine Reason

If your genuine reason has changed complete the relevant Form 1 Annexureto accompany your renewal forms.

Expired Licence

Expired Licence Brochure

Cancelling your licence

QP 0463 Notice of surrender of Licence​

If you are disposing of weapons ensure the Form 8 Receipt for Surrendered Weapon(s) is completed (if required).​