Processing of New Licence Applications

The take up rate for the new online weapons applications has exceeded expectations with over 27000 on-line new licence applications received to date; this is a 47% increase in the number of new licence applications received in comparison to the same period last year.  Weapons Licensing is working as hard as they can to process your application. Weapons Applications On-line (WAO), the 2012 red tape legislative proposals, a consultant's review of internal processes and other internal initiatives have led to significant increases in new licence application output (113%). Furthermore, Weapons Licensing is developing a further organisational level strategy to reduce backlogs across all processing activity.


Applications are being processed in order of receipt and will be determined as soon as practicable after any mandatory waiting periods as required by the Weapons Act 1990 and Weapons Regulation 2016. The time to process weapons licence applications is dependent on a number of factors. These factors can include the number of new applications received each day, the complexity of the applications, the completeness of the application and the accuracy of information within the supporting documents. Currently 25% of applications are received incomplete requiring follow up and monitoring and impacting on processing times and turnaround times.

To avoid delays in the processing of your application, it is kindly requested that you allow twelve (12) weeks from the date you lodged the application before making further contact with us. If exceptional circumstances exist such as an occupational requirement for the issue of the licence; it is requested that you send an email to Weapons Licensing quoting your case reference number and detailing your situation and requirements. Similarly, please advise us in writing if you have a change in contact or address details. A Weapons Licensing representative will contact you if any further information is required in relation to your application when your application is being assessed. Thank you for your enquiry and your patience is greatly appreciated. Weapons Licensing will continue to review the way they deliver business to improve processing capability and reduce delays.


Be aware of the full requirements relevant to your genuine reason and have the required documentation at the time of application

Applicants should read the WL Website and be aware of the full requirements relevant to their genuine reason for applying to ensure they have the required documentation at the time of application (for example Weapons Act Safety Course, club membership, evidence of club shoots etc). You are strongly encouraged to use the Weapons Applications On-line (WAO) system. The documentation should be either scanned and uploaded or mailed to Weapons Licensing immediately after lodging the application. Currently 25% of applications are received incomplete requiring follow up and monitoring and impacting on processing times and turnaround times.
Get assistance from a club or dealer to complete your application

'Save time, Apply on-line…
Get help from a club or dealer – save even more time!'

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their local club or dealer about assisting them to complete their new licence application. The club or dealer will ensure you have the required documentation and encourage you and assist you to complete the Weapons Applications Online (WAO) application form. This will reduce the number of incomplete applications requiring follow up and monitoring and impacting on the turnaround time for your licence.

Safe Storage

The onus for ensuring that legal guns are not lost, stolen or otherwise come into the possession of people who should not have them, is squarely on the shoulders of legitimate firearm owners. Penalties of up to a $10,000 fine or 2 years imprisonment apply under s. 60 of the Weapons Act 1990 (Qld). A conviction for a weapons offence is a disqualifying offence for holding a firearm licence for 5 years. Information about safe storage as well as a comprehensive brochure on the subject is available on the Weapons Licensing website (Storage of Weapons).

Write legibly on paper based applications

Applicants are asked to write legibly, especially in relation to firearm serial numbers.

(Weapons Licensing is developing interactive versions of their paper-based forms that can be downloaded from the QPS Internet site, filled out on the computer, printed and taken to the police station).

Addresses consisting only of a property name and suburb

It is requested that the applicant provide the lot number(s) on plan in every instance or alternatively provide a copy of a rates notice for the listed property. This will assist Weapons Licensing staff to verify the address.

(Weapons Licensing is now reviewing the Annexure to reflect same)

Applicants required to complete an Annexure for a genuine reason

Applicants who are required to complete an 'annexure' for a genuine reason such as 'recreational shooting or primary production' should refer to our Website for further information as many applicants are selecting a genuine reason on the annexure which is not applicable for the purpose they wish to use firearms.

(Weapons Licensing is finalising an annexure for each genuine reason to avoid confusion and ensure correct information is provided)

Pistol Club Representatives

Pistol club representatives are incorrectly signing off on the Approved Club Declaration before the applicant is deemed eligible to join the 'pistol section' of the club.

The following points need to be addressed to the representative of the club:

  • A member of a pistol section of a shooting club is required to hold a Statement of Eligibility or a current licence before the joining date listed on the QP518A.
  • The applicant is required to have been a member for 6 months and participated in at least three (3) handgun shooting competitions during that 6 month period.

    (Weapons Licensing is reviewing the Form QP518A to provide more clarity to pistol club representatives)

On-line applicants are currently still required to provide signed permission from the land owner to use firearms on their property

Applicants are to be reminded that although the 'recreational annexure' has been built into the WAO application, the online applicant is still required to provide signed permission from the land owner to use firearms on their property.


Provide the required Statement of Attainment

Applicants are required to provide and forward a Statement of Attainment (SOA) showing they have completed an approved safety training course for the relevant category of weapon within the previous 12 month period. There are many applicants who lodge their application with a SOA that was completed 1 year after the date they applied for the new licence.

Applicants to provide passport quality photographs

Applications require passport quality photographs. Applicants are continually being requested to provide new photographs as they are not to the standard we require to print on their licence card.

Online Applicants for Category C, D and H licences

Applicants, who have made an application for Category C, D and H ONLINE for the genuine reason of 'Occupational Property Owner', are requested to provide the following information:

  • How often do you attend the property if you DO NOT reside on the property?
  • What was used prior to this application?
  • Why is the possession and use of a category C and/or D or H weapon now necessary?
  • How long have you owned/occupied the property?
  • Provide details of any other person who holds a licence in respect to the property for the specified categories. Why is another licence of this type necessary?
  • For Category C and/or D only - Detail the extent of feral animals/vermin infestation and other methods trialled to reduce infestation.
  • Your occupation

    The online application form does not outline that this information is needed however this information is needed for the assessment of this application.

    (Weapons Licensing is updating the current Annexure to reflect this information and is examining the WL Website).

Paper applicants to complete all check boxes on their applications

A licence can only be issued if all questions have been answered. Applicants who fail to complete the application in its entirety will be delayed and requested to complete the missing pages.


Identification Checks for the Applicant

Applicants should only attend a Queensland Police Station with 100 points of Identification once they have been notified by Weapons Licensing, through their preferred method of written contact nominated in their application. Once you receive this notification you will then have the required approved correspondence that is needed for completion by the Police Station.

If your preferred method of written contact was nominated as email, please ensure to check both the Inbox and also Junk Mail folders. Please ensure that you print the email for completion by the Police Station.