Licence holders and applicants have the option to use the Online Change in Circumstances form to advise of their change in circumstances relating to a change of name, address and/or change of contact details (e.g. Home, Mobile, Work, Fax or Email Address) or alternatively, are required to complete a Form 4A – Change of Address, Change of Name(s), Change of Weapon(s) Secure Storage Facility which is also available in the Weapons Licensing Forms Library.

Safe Storage

The onus for ensuring that legal guns are not lost, stolen or otherwise come into the possession of people who should not have them, is squarely on the shoulders of legitimate firearm owners. Penalties of up to a $10,000 fine or 2 years imprisonment apply under s. 60 of the Weapons Act 1990 (Qld). A conviction for a weapons offence is a disqualifying offence for holding a firearm licence for 5 years. Information about safe storage as well as a comprehensive brochure on the subject is available on the Weapons Licensing website (Storage of Weapons).

Members should renew club membership as required

Members must have a genuine reason (for example club membership for sports or target shooting) at the time of the issue of the licence and must maintain club membership for the entire licensing period.

Members should monitor the expiry date of their licence

It is the responsibility of members to ensure they lodge their renewal application at least the day before their licence expires.

Generally licence expiry dates are being re-aligned to date of birth (except occupational licences).

The onus is on licence holders to be aware of their licence/s expiry date/s and to lodge their renewal application/s at a Queensland Police Station on time.

Simplification of Renewal Form

Weapons Licensing recently introduced a simplified renewal form to reduce the size of the courtesy renewal package and the amount of information being supplied.  Licence holders will have to complete a simple one page form if their genuine reason has not changed. 

Applicants Asked to Provide Email Address

Weapons Licensing has now commenced emailing courtesy renewal packages to existing licence holders. Prior to the expiry of your licence should you not lodge your renewal you may receive a  reminder email from Weapons Licensing.

If existing licence holders have not supplied an email address or have changed their existing email address and wish to take up this service, we ask that  applicants provide Weapons Licensing with their current or amended email address.

This can be done by either sending an email to and simply state “Here is my email address and Licence Number” or complete the

Online Change in Circumstances Form

Please note if applicants do not have an email address, they will continue to receive their courtesy renewal package in hard copy form via Australia Post.