Processing of permits to acquire

The take up rate for the new online weapons applications has exceeded expectations with over 110,00 on-line PTA applications received to date; this is a 55% increase in the number of permit to acquire applications received in comparison to the same period last year.

Applications are being processed in order of receipt. The time to process weapons permit to acquire applications is dependent on a number of factors. These factors can include the number of new applications received each day, the complexity of the applications and the completeness of the application and the accuracy of information within the supporting documents.

To avoid delays in the processing of your ONLINE application, it is kindly requested that you allow five (5) days from the date you made application online before making further contact with us.

Get assistance from a club or dealer to complete your application

'Save time, Apply on-line…
Get help from a club or dealer – save even more time'

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact their local club or dealer about assisting them to complete their permit to acquire. The club or dealer will ensure you have the required documentation and encourage you and assist you to complete the Weapons Applications Online (WAO) application form. This will reduce the number of incomplete applications requiring follow up and monitoring and impacting on the turnaround time for your licence.  An Application must still be made personally by the applicant.

Be aware of the full requirements relevant to your genuine need and have the required documentation at the time of application

Applicants should read the Weapons Licensing Website and be aware of the full requirements relevant to their genuine need for acquiring the firearm/s to ensure they have the required documentation at the time of application (for example Club approval form, wildlife harvesting certificate, deceased documentation).

This should be scanned and uploaded if you are using the Weapons Application On-line (WAO) system; scanned and emailed to Weapons Licensing (clearly stating your reference or Case ID number in the subject line); or mailed to Weapons Licensing that day or the next.

Handling of Unregistered Firearms

If you are in possession of a weapon which has not been registered in Queensland, you are required to hand the weapon into a licensed Queensland dealer or Queensland police station.  Prior to attending the dealer or police station, you should contact them to arrange an appropriate time for the disposal of the weapon.

If a weapon is being handed in for registration to a Queensland weapons licence, the receiving police officer must review the circumstances surrounding the possession of the unregistered weapon and its disposal. Should a person be found with an unregistered weapon, they may be prosecuted.

Applying for a Permit to Acquire when you do not have an email address

If a licence holder does not have their own email address, a licence holder must make application for permit to acquire in hard copy and lodge at a police station.


When a licence holder is acquiring a firearm from a deceased estate

If a licence holder is deceased, has made a legally valid will and is bequeathing registered weapons to an appropriately licensed beneficiary, the weapons may be transferred without the need for a PTA.  Where a licensee acquiring the weapons is not named in the will as the beneficiary they are required to make application for permit to acquire.

The following documentation should be provided for both scenarios:

  • a copy of the will,
  • copy of the death certificate,
  • a completed indemnity receipt, and
  • a letter from the beneficiary (or beneficiaries if there is more than one) requesting the transfer of weapons to the licence holder acquiring the firearms, including their licence details, genuine reason of all firearms and whereabouts of the weapons pending approval to acquire under the policy or permit to acquire.

An indemnity receipt is a form that is required to be signed by the acquirer in order to indemnify the Queensland Police Service from any civil action that may occur in relation to the acquisition and legal ownership of the weapon.

If the firearm is unregistered in Queensland, a licence holder must apply for a permit to acquire and supply all documentation mentioned.


Applicants to lodge Permit to Acquire at a QLD Police Station if they are not using WAO (Weapons Applications Online)

Applicants are reminded to ensure that all paper based Permit to Acquire applications are lodged at a QLD Police Station before being posted to Weapons Licensing.

Applications received that have not followed this process cannot be processed and will be posted back to the applicant for lodgement at a QLD Police Station.