Section 10B(1)(a) of the Weapons Act 1990, stipulates that in deciding or considering, for the issue, renewal, suspension or revocation of a licence, whether a person is, or is no longer, a fit and proper person to hold a licence, an authorised officer must consider, among other things -

(a) the mental and physical fitness of the person

When you make an application for a Weapons Licence you are required to provide information on your medical history.

You must let Weapons Licensing know whether you have ever received treatment for:

  • Serious visual impairment
  • Fits, dizziness or blackouts
  • Head injuries
  • Psychiatric or emotional problems
  • Alcohol or drug related problems; and/or
  • Physical impairment

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions you are required to provide further details. A doctor’s certificate must accompany your application certifying that the condition(s) do not affect your ability to possess or use a weapon.

Print this information and take it with you when you attend your appointment so your Health Professional knows what they are required to assess you on. Make sure your doctor or Health provider knows that the medical certificate must explicitly state whether your condition affects your ability to possess or use a weapon.

Refer to fit and proper for further information.

Information for Medical Professionals

The Health and Weapons information booklet and notification form was developed by the Queensland Health, Mental Health Unit working party. This was established to examine issues relating to the reporting by medical practitioners and professional carers for persons with mental illness possessing firearms.

The information booklet and notification form, provides clear and concise information and advice to health professionals dealing with clients who are affected by a mental illness and have or may have access to firearms.

Health and Weapons An information booklet​

Health and Weapons No​tification Form​