1. ​Persons wishing to possess or use a weapon must have a licence (there are some exceptions).
  2. A licence may be issued to an individual or a body.
  3. You must have a genuine reason to own a weapon - this includes being a member of a shooting club, being a recreational shooter, being a collector or having an occupational requirement.
  4. Persons applying for a licence or for a licence of another category of weapon (except in special circumstances) are required to complete a weapons safety course.
  5. You must have secure storage for your weapons.
  6. Weapons must be registered to a licence.  Depending on the licence type, there may be restrictions on the number of weapons you can own (i.e. under collector heirloom licence and the first year of a concealable sports/target shooters licence).
  7. You may also have to provide proof of need that supports your reason to acquire a firearm during the Permit to Acquire process.  Registering new weapons to your licence will usually incur a one-off fee for each firearm.
  8. Some weapons are restricted and must be handed in or made permanently inoperable.
  9. All applications for a licence or permit to acquire must be lodged either online or in person at your local Queensland police station.
  10. Any change of address or circumstance must be reported to an Officer in Charge of Police within 14 days of the change.

About Weapons Licensing provides more information on Queensland weapons laws.