​​​Current Queensland laws require the registration of weapons and licensing of persons in possession of them.  To ensure safety there are strict controls on the possession, use and safe and responsible storage of weapons.

It is the applicant's responsibility to be aware of the laws that apply to weapons licensing and ownership in Queensland.

In broad terms the legislation seeks to:

  • prohibit automatic and military style weapons
  • put in place a national scheme for the registration of all firearms
  • require a person to demonstrate a genuine reason to possess or use a firearm before a licence may be issued to that person, and in certain cases demonstrate a need to possess or use particular firearms
  • make training a prerequisite for obtaining a firearms licence
  • require a licensee to obtain a permit prior to acquiring any firearm
  • create uniform licensing requirements across all States and Territories in Australia
  • create common grounds for refusing or revoking a licence
  • introduce uniform standards for the secure storage of firearms; and
  • restrict mail order purchases of firearms to licensed dealers.

Queensland weapon laws are provided in the Weapons Act 1990, the Weapons Regulations 2016 and the Weapons Categories Regulation 1997.

Weapons Act 1990        Weapons Regulations 2016       Weapons Categories Regulation 1997

Explosives Act 1999       Explosives Regulations 2003

Parliamentary Counsel (Queensland Legislation)