​​Blank-fire Firearms Licences can be obtained to use blank-fire firearms only for one of the following two authorised purposes:

  1. to start sporting events; or
  2. for use in theatrical productions.

A blank-fire firearms licence may only be issued to:

  • an individual (for one of the two authorised purposes)
  • a theatrical organisation; or
  • an athletic or other sporting organisation.

A licence issued to an organisation authorises any eligible member of the organisation, with the permission, and under the instruction, of the endorsed representative, to possess and use, for an authorised purpose, any blank-fire firearm owned by the organisation.

An eligible person is a member who is eligible to hold a licence under this Act.

More details about Blank-fire Firearms Licences can be found in section 21 of the Weapons Regulations 2016

How to apply for a Blank-fire Firearms Licence