​The appropriate public display of historically significant and military weapons by RSL Sub Branches, historical societies, private museums and other organisations has strong and legitimate support across the community, within government and by legislation.

Organisations wishing to lawfully possess and display firearms are required to satisfy specific licensing, registration and storage provisions under the Weapons Act 1990 and the Weapon Regulations 2016

​Alternate storage requirements

The public display of weapons generally does not comply with the storage requirements of the Weapons Act and Regulations. In the interest of public safety, organisations displaying firearms should ensure the firearms are displayed in such a manner to prevent theft, loss or misuse.

Section 98 of the Weapon Regulations 2016 allows for the Authorised Officer to, upon written application, give the applicant, including private museums, historical societies and R.S.L.’s, written approval to take particular alternate safety measures for the safe storage and display of weapons instead of a measure required under the legislation.

If organisations wish to apply for approval to take particular alternate safety measures to allow for the display of collectable firearms instead of measures required under the legislation, a letter will need to be submitted to the Authorised Officer, Weapons Licensing, detailing what alternate safety measures would be used.