​Airsoft weapons, under current legislation, irrespective of muzzle velocity, cannot be lawfully possessed in Queensland.  As an Airsoft firearm cannot be used in Queensland lawfully it cannot be imported into Queensland.  Unlawful possession of such weapons may result in prosecution for weapons related offences.

There are currently no approved ranges conducting sports or target shooting allowing Airsoft firearms within Queensland.  Furthermore, these firearms cannot be possessed for recreational shooting.

Airsoft weapons are defined as a prohibited import under schedule 6 of the
Customs Prohibited Imports Regulations 1956.  Australian Customs Service advises that generally, Airsoft weapons do not meet the required safety standards to allow importation.


An Airsoft firearm is one that discharges a 6mm plastic pellet.  Airsoft firearms can either be electric, or operated by spring or compressed air.

An Airsoft firearm over 75cm in length is a Category A weapon.

Should the Airsoft firearm replicate a military style assault rifle (Category D) then the Airsoft weapon will also be classified as a Category D weapon.

Similarly should the Airsoft firearm replicate a machine gun or sub-machine gun (Category R) then the Airsoft firearm will also be classified as a Category R weapon.