​​If you wish to possess or use a crossbow, you must obtain a ​ Miscellaneous Licence. This licence will allow you to possess, carry and use crossbows, subject to specific conditions.

Crossbows are classed as a Category M weapon under the Weapons Categories Regulation 1996.

Crossbows can also be possessed under a Collector's Licence or a Theatrical Ordnance Supplier's Licence.

All licensees are required to provide a genuine reason in order to obtain a Miscellaneous Licence for crossbows. These reasons include:

  • Club membership for Sports or Target shooting;
  • Recreational shooting;
  • Military re-enactment or demonstrations.

See the storage section for more information about secure storage requirements for crossbows.

See the ​ acquiring weapons section for information on applying for a permit to acquire for a crossbow.