​A licensed Armourer is the only person who is authorised to render a firearm permanently inoperable, or inspect a firearm already rendered permanently inoperable and provide documentation confirming this.

To obtain a certificate of a firearm/weapon being permanently inoperable you must present your firearm to the Armourer to be rendered permanently inoperable or to be inspected and confirmed as permanently inoperable.

Once a firearm has been rendered permanently inoperable, or confirmed to be so, the licensed Armourer will provide you with a completed Form 31 – Certificate of a firearm/weapon being permanently inoperable. You must forward this form to Weapons Licensing.

Making a firearm permanently inoperable

Making a firearm permanently inoperable means the firearm has been permanently altered in a prescribed manner to ensure that a projectile can no longer be fired from that firearm.

To render a firearm permanently inoperable the following actions could be taken:

  • If the firing pin can be removed as a separate item: the pin must be removed and the end of the pin hole nearest the chamber must be closed with weld.
  • If the firing pin cannot be removed as a separate item: the pin must be ground or cut so that it cannot strike a round of ammunition in the chamber.
  • The chamber must be made incapable of taking a round of ammunition by welding a steel insert into the end of the chamber or welding a steel rod vertically across the chamber.
  • The firing mechanism must be immobilised by welding its internal components together and to the trigger.

Schedule 4 of the Weapons Regulation 2016 details the ways of modifying a firearm to make it permanently inoperable.

Alternate approval by an Authorised Officer

An authorised officer may, on written application, give the applicant written approval to make a particular firearm or type of firearm incapable of being discharged, in a stated way.

If you wish to apply for alternate approval, please submit a letter in writing to the Authorised Officer, Weapons Licensing  detailing what methods that would be used to render the firearm permanently inoperable.

Further information

For further information, refer to section 7 of the Weapons Act 1990 and Section 159 and Schedule 4 of the Weapons Regulation 2016.