​​​If you have not lodged your application to renew your licence at least one day prior to the expiry date, your licence will become invalid. You will no longer be licensed to possess any weapons. You cannot renew an expired licence.

You will be required to take immediate action to ensure that any weapon/s registered to your expired licence is/are lawfully disposed of. The below options are available to you:

If you intend to apply for a new licence, the weapon/s must be placed in temporary safekeeping with:

  • A licensed Dealer or a licensed Armourer;
  • A person who holds a current licence with the same category of weapon - safekeeping of a weapon by another licensed person can occur for a period not exceeding three months; or
  • A Police Station.

If you do not intend to apply for a new licence the weapon/s can be disposed by the following means. 

  • Sale or Consignment Sale - to a licensed Dealer,
  • Relinquished for destruction - to a Police Station,
  • If the weapon is to be acquired by another person, a Permit tp Acquire (PTA) must be obtained for the weapon. The weapon must be put in safekeeping with another licence holder (not the acquirer) or by one of the above methods until the PTA has been approved.

You are required to provide documentary evidence of the disposal method of the weapon/s immediately.  Should you fail to advise Weapons Licensing of the action you have taken to dispose of the weapon/s your local police station will be notified.

Applying for a new licence

If your licence has expired you will need to apply for a new weapons licence. Information about applying for a new licence can be found on the licence application page.

Provided you lodge your application for a new licence within twelve months of the expiration of your previous licence, you will not be required to provide the Statement of Attainment for a Firearms Safety Course. This applies if:

  • You are applying for the same category of weapons you were previously licensed for; and 
  • Your previous licence class was a Collector’s Licence (Heirloom) or (Weapons), Concealable Firearms Licence, Firearms Licence or Minor’s Licence (as legislated under Section 10A(4) of the Weapons Act 1990).

The Expired Licence Brochure will help guide you through this process.​