​​​​​​​Licensees are required to advise their local police station of any change of circumstances that affects the conditions of their licence within 14 days of the change. It is also possible to apply for a change in licence conditions.

This applies if:

  • the genuine reason you provided for obtaining a licence is no longer valid, but you wish to retain your licence on the basis of a different genuine reason (eg. you leave your employment that required the use of firearms, but still wish to retain your licence for recreational shooting); and/or
  • You wish to apply for an additional category of weapon (you will need to supply a Statement of Attainment for a Firearms Safety Course).

To advise of such changes, you should complete Form 4B Change of Weapons Category and/or Change of condition(s) of Licence and lodge it at your local police station along with any required supporting documentation.

Other changes in circumstance

Licensees are required to advise their local police station of any of the following within 14 days:

  • A change in the mental or physical fitness of the licensee or the licensee's representative
  • The conviction of the licensee or the licensee's representative of an offence relating to the misuse of drugs, or the use or threatened use of violence, or the use, carriage, discharge or possession of firearms
  • The making of a domestic violence order against the licensee or the licensee's representative; and/or
  • The revocation of the licensee's permission to shoot on a landowner's rural land.

The requirement to inform the officer in charge of the local police station of a change in circumstances that affects your licence is stipulated under Section 24 of the Weapons Act 1990 and section 17 of the Weapons Regulations 2016.