​​​​​​​​​​The quickest way to renew your weapons licence is to use the online application form​ at least one day prior to the expiry date of your licence and pay by Visa or Mastercard (credit or debit).

Alternatively, you can lodge your application to renew your licence at a Queensland police station at least one day prior to the expiry date of your licence.

Licences can ordinarily be renewed up to three months before the date of expiry. To renew your licence at a Queensland police station:

  1. Complete the Form 6A – Application to Renew Licence and Form 6A/6B – Annexure – Genuine Reason. As a courtesy, the Queensland Police Service posts/emails a renewal package containing these forms three months before your licence expires. These packages will now begin to print with a unique Online Renewal Reference number which will need to be used when applying online to assist you when confirming your licence and personal details. Alternatively, if you prefer to apply using a paper based application the documents can be downloaded from this website. Prior to the expiry of your licence, should you not lodge your renewal you may receive a renewal reminder email from Weapons Licensing.
  2. Prepare any supporting documentation that is required. The supporting documentation required for each genuine reason is listed on the Form 6A/6B.
  3. In order to renew your Weapons Act licence, you must lodge your paper based application at least One Day before your licence expires at a Queensland police station.  You must also pay the fee for your application at the time of lodgement.
  4. If your genuine reason is not listed on the Form 6A/6B, you should instead complete the relevant Form 1 Annexure. The appropriate Annexure for your genuine reason will be mailed to you as part of the renewal package.
  5. A weapons list is included in your renewal package. Please check the details and make any corrections if necessary. SIGN the declaration at the bottom of each page and return it with your renewal application. If you possess weapons not included on this list, please provide full details and include the date, name, address and licence number of the person you acquired the weapon from. Alternatively, if you no longer possess any of the weapons listed please provide the date, name, address and licence number of the person who now possesses the weapon(s).
  6. The weapons list provided with your new licence card lists your first eight (8) weapons. Please ensure all details are checked and make any corrections if necessary. 
  7. A complete weapons list of all the firearms in your possession may be provided upon request to Weapons Licensing, please make contact with Weapons Licensing by telephone, email, mail or fax. Any requests for changes to Weapons Lists will be processed by Weapons Licensing as soon as practicable.
  8. Weapons Licensing may contact you upon receipt of the changes to your Weapons List, requesting you to attend a Dealer/Armourer or Police Station to present the weapon(s) for the weapon details to be verified.
  9. If your application is for the renewal of an: Armourer, Blank Fire, Collectors, Dealers,  Firearms (Group), Firearms (Category D), Firearms (Instructor) Miscellaneous, Security Guard (Business, Employee, Sole Provider), Security Organisation and Theatrical Ordnance Supplier, please refer to the Genuine Reason Information for supporting documentation you are required to supply with your application.

The provision of the renewal package is a courtesy extended by QPS to assist licence holders in the renewal process. It contains explanations of the process and forms relevant to your licence. However, it is your responsibility to ensure you renew your licence within the legislative timeframes.

Late Lodgement of Renewal Applications

If a renewal application is lodged at a Queensland Police Station on or after the expiry date on the licence, the licence cannot be renewed under legislation and it will be treated as a new licence application. You will be required to pay an application fee for a new licence plus the renewal fee for the number of years the licence is to be issued (e.g. Firearms Licence for 5 years will be $97.85 + ($32.30 X 5 years) = $259.35).

Should your renewal application not be lodged prior to expiry date, the licence will be issued on a pro-rata basis taking into account the fees paid at the time of application and the application fee. 

Lodging your application on or after the expiry date

If you have not lodged your application to renew your licence at least one day prior to the expiry date, your licence will become invalid. You cannot renew an expired licence.

Any firearms in your possession must be lawfully disposed of as you will no longer be able to lawfully possess firearms or weapons until a current licence is issued to you. 

The Authorised Officer is legally obliged to refuse the application to renew if you lodge it. You will be refunded the licence fee less administration costs.

Applying for a new Weapons Licence

Information can be found on the licence application page.

Provided you lodge your application for a new Weapons Licence within twelve months of the expiration of your previous licence, you will not be required to provide the Statement of Attainment for a Firearms Safety Course. This applies if:

  • You are applying for the same category(ies) of firearm(s) you were previously licensed for; and
  • Your previous licence class was a collector’s licence (heirloom) or (weapons), concealable firearms licence, firearms licence or minor’s licence (as legislated under Section 10A(4) of the Weapons Act 1990).

TheExpired Licence Brochure will help guide you through this process.

Additional information

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