​​​​​​​You may lodge an application to renew your Weapons Licence early (more than three months before expiry) only if you are going to be overseas or travelling interstate for a significant period of time before your licence expires.

How to lodge your application early

In addition to the requirements listed on the renewing your licence page you must also complete the​ Early Lodgement of Renewal Application form. This should be lodged at a Queensland Police station along with the other documents required for a licence renewal application.

Additional Points

Note that Section 10(2)(g) of the Weapons Act 1990 states “A licence may be issued to an individual only if the person resides only in Queensland.”  As such, you should provide information as to where your weapons will be stored and what your genuine reason will be in order to continue to hold a Queensland licence.

If you are permanently moving interstate or overseas you must advise Weapons Licensing in writing of your intention prior to your departure. Failure to do so may result in a breach of the conditions of your licence.

If your licence expires without you lodging a renewal application, you will be deemed to be in unlawful possession of your firearm/s under the legislation.