​​​​​​​​Licence Maintenance

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Key Messages to Consider
Prior to submitting your application please review the Renewal Existing Key Messages for further information

Existing Weapons Licence Holders

Weapons Licensing is emailing courtesy renewal packages to existing licence holders. The courtesy renewal package has been significantly reduced to make it easier and quicker for you to complete your Weapons Licence Renewal. These packages will now begin to print with a unique Online Renewal Reference number which will need to be used when applying online, this will assist you when confirming your licence and personal details and will greatly improve your experience in WAO. Prior to the expiry of your licence, should you not lodge your renewal you may receive a renewal reminder email from Weapons Licensing.

If your genuine reason has changed since your last renewal, you must attach the relevant Form 1 Annexure to accompany your renewal forms.

Note: If your genuine reason is Category H Sport or Target Shooting you MUST provide:

  • A current Approved Club Declaration (QP518A) form completed by a pistol club representative declaring you hold current membership; and
  • A copy of your participation record if weapons are registered to the licence.

For information on further supporting documentation that you may be required to provide (e.g. new photos if passport quality photos have not been provided to Weapons Licensing within the last 10 years, or if your appearance has changed); please refer to the 'GUIDE TO RENEWING A WEAPONS ACT LICENCE'. This guide is available on the Weapons Licensing website, or obtainable from a Queensland police station.

A weapons list is included in your renewal package. Please check the details and make any corrections if necessary. SIGN the declaration at the bottom of each page and return it with your renewal application. If you possess weapons not included on this list, please provide full details and include the date, name, address and licence number of the person you acquired the weapon from. Alternatively, if you no longer possess any of the weapons listed please provide the date, name, address and licence number of the person who now possesses the weapon(s).
The weapons list provided with your new licence card lists your first eight (8) weapons. Please ensure all details are checked and make any corrections if necessary.

A complete weapons list of all the firearms in your possession may be provided upon request to Weapons Licensing, please make contact with Weapons Licensing by telephone, email, mail or fax. Any requests for changes to Weapons Lists will be processed by Weapons Licensing as soon as practicable.

Weapons Licensing may contact you upon receipt of the changes to your Weapons List, requesting you to attend a Dealer/Armourer or Police Station to present the weapon(s) for the weapon details to be verified. We ask that applicants provide Weapons Licensing with their email address or update their existing email address if this has changed Renewals Flyer