​​​​​​​Interstate firearms dealers who wish to attend Arms Fairs and Trade shows within Queensland are required to submit an application for a Visitor's Licence.

To apply you must complete the application for a visitors licence and provide the following information, in writing, in support of your application:

  • Details of your reason for coming to Queensland
  • Details of all business activities you seek to undertake
  • Details of your dealership business name, address and a copy of your Dealer’s licence
  • The specific details of all firearms you will bring into Queensland, nominating make, model, calibre, action and serial number
  • Details of how the weapons will be transported while in Queensland, outlining the security measures in place, both while under transportation and at the nominated Arms Fair
  • The expected date of arrival and departure from Queensland; and
  • An outline of the measures that have been put in place to ensure unauthorised persons do not gain access to the weapons in your possession.

Weapons Details

It is recognised that, from time to time, dealers may be attending other Arms Fairs prior to arrival in Queensland. Consequently the specific details of weapons being brought into Queensland may change.  In this instance, you must forward an updated list or copy of your weapons register as soon as possible after the finalisation of business at the Arms Fair, either by fax or post to Weapons Licensing.