The stipulated period begins when you take up permanent residency in Queensland.

As long as you apply for a Queensland weapons licence within those timeframes, your interstate licence will be mutually recognised until a decision is made on your application.

If you hold a current interstate licence and are applying for the same categories of weapons in Queensland, you will not need to provide a statement of attainment for a firearms safety course in Queensland.

If you are applying for categories of weapons that you are not licensed for interstate, you will need to complete a firearms safety course for those categories.

If you lodge your application past the expiry date of your interstate licence and outside the above timeframes, you will be required to complete a safety course for all firearms you are applying for.

Section 33 of the Weapons Act 1990 stipulates the requirements for interstate licensees moving to Queensland permanently.

Moving from Overseas

To possess and use a firearm in Queensland as a permanent resident you must be a holder of an issued Queensland Weapons Act licence. 

Prior to moving to Queensland, you must ascertain if the genuine reason for which your current overseas licence is issued for, is valid here in Queensland. You should also ascertain whether any firearm you currently possess can be registered in Queensland.

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How to apply

You will need a B709 - Import Permit for any weapons that you intend to bring to Queensland from overseas. The Import Permit process must be completed before importing goods or they may be forfeited. You will need to present this permit to Australian Customs. 

As an applicant for a Queensland weapons licence who has moved from overseas, you will need to apply for a weapons licence. Make sure you are aware of the requirements.

Weapons Licensing has the facility for applications to be made online. You can submit your application and all documents, paying online using credit/debit Mastercard or Visa. You can still apply for a licence using a paper application form however you will need to submit the application form along with the required documentation and payment at a police station.

Failure to submit all the required documentation will result in delays in processing your application.

To apply you will need to provide supporting documents requested in the application as well as the following additional documentation:

  • A copy of your overseas weapons licence
  • Proof of registration of any firearms that you are intending to register in Queensland
  • A copy of your permanent resident visa; or
  • A copy of your temporary work/study visa. (Note: if you have a temporary work/study visa, any licence issued to you will only be for the duration of your visa).

Note: You must lodge your application for a licence whilst your overseas licence is current, otherwise you will need to complete a safety course for the categories of firearms for which you are applying to be licensed. 

Also, if you are applying for additional categories, other than those for which you are currently licensed, you will need to complete a safety course for those categories of firearms.