​If you are moving overseas or interstate permanently, you are no longer eligible to hold a Queensland Weapons Act licence and will need to make arrangements to surrender your licence and lawfully dispose of your firearms. You will also need to advise the Authorised Officer of your change in circumstances.

If you wish to continue to hold a licence in another state of Australia, please contact the relevant firearms registry of that state.

If you are moving overseas from Queensland, and wish to export your firearms, you will need to contact both the Australian Customs Service and the Department of Defence

Licensed collector leaving Queensland

Before moving from Queensland, a licensed collector must advise Weapons Licensing in writing of the date of departure, the proposed residence and what is proposed to be done regarding their collection.

You must also advise the manner in which you intend to transport any weapons that you are transporting out of Queensland. The manner of transportation must ensure the safekeeping of the weapons to the satisfaction of an authorised officer.