​​​It is an offence to possess a weapon in Queensland (section 50 Weapons Act 1990) unless authorised.  Persons who wish to visit Queensland and intend to possess or use firearms are required to hold a Queensland Weapons Act Visitor's Licence.    

Visitors from other Australian states or territories might not need a Visitor's Licence.

See the mutual recognition of interstate licences page.

International Visitors

International visitors need to apply for a visitor's licence and, if you intend to bring your firearm/weapon into Queensland, you also require an Import Permit.  The application process is outlined in the Visitors Licence section.

A Visitor's Licence is valid for the period of time and purpose nominated on the licence, and can be issued for a maximum period of three (3) months.  If you intend to extend your stay, you are required to apply for a further Visitor's Licence to authorise your possession of firearms in Queensland.

Visiting other Australian States and Territories as well as Queensland 

If you are applying for a Visitor's Licence from Queensland and plan to move between different Australian States and Territories during your stay, your licence may have mutual recognition, however this is not always automatically the case. To ensure your Queensland licence is recognised by other jurisdictions, please contact the appropriate State firearm registry to establish their licensing requirements. ​