​Section 32 of the Weapons Act 1990 and section 19 of the Weapons Regulation 2016 allows a person holding a licence issued by another Australian state to possess a weapon in Queensland if:

  • They are participating in a shooting competition including training for a competition and receiving training in the use of category M crossbows; or
  • They are shooting recreationally (hunting) on rural land only with the express consent of the owner; or
  • They have an occupational requirement to shoot on rural land for a rural purpose.

All other purposes require the issue of a Visitor's Licence.

Transporting Weapons

Section 5 of the Weapons Regulation 1996 allows persons holding interstate licences recognised by section 32 to further possess weapons in transport only if it is necessarily incidental to engaging in the activity authorised under the licence, for example, transporting the weapon to the range for use in a competition/training.

See Travelling with weapons and Safe storage for more information