​​​​​​​​​As an overview, to apply for a Weapons Licence in Queensland you need to:

  1. meet the personal eligibility requirements
  2. have a genuine reason to hold a licence (select from the licences below for more information)
  3. have access to secure storage facilities; and
  4. have completed an approved firearms safety course

You can now apply online for a Weapons Licence, submit all the documents and pay using credit/debit Mastercard or Visa.

The documentation you need to supply will depend on the type of licence you are applying for.

You can still apply for a licence using a paper application form. You will need to submit it along with the required documentation and payment at a police station.

Once you have a Weapons Licence or have applied for a Weapons Licence you can then apply for a Permit to Acquire a weapon.


required to carry on a business for storage, manufacture, modification or repair of weapons.​​

authorises the licensee to possess weapons for the purpose stated on the licence.

Blank-Fire firearm
issued for the use of blank-fire firearms for theatre or sporting events.

issued to individuals from the ages of 11-17 (inclusive).

Collector's licence
allows the collection of temporarily or permanently inoperable weapons of a variety of categories.

Miscellaneous Weapons
issued for the use of Category E weapons (Body Armour) and Category M weapons (e.g. crossbows).

Concealable firearms
issued for the use of Category H weapons (handguns) for Sports or Target shooting, Primary production and some other occupational reasons.

Security (guard)
this licence is required to provide armed security services.

for carrying on a business involving the acquisition or disposal of weapons.

Security (organisation)
this licence relates to persons or businesses seeking to provide services by licensed employees.

this licence allows the use of Category A & B weapons most commonly for Recreational shooting, Sports or Target shooting, Primary production and other occupational purposes. Category C & D weapons are also permitted on this licence for some genuine reasons.

Theatrical Ordnance Supplier
may be issued to an individual or business that supplies weapons, on a temporary basis, for use in theatrical, film or television productions.

Firearms instructor
can be issued to individuals who deliver firearms training for a Registered Training Organisation.

for people visiting Queensland temporarily.