In response to community concern about graffiti, the state government introduced graffiti specific legislation giving local councils and government the power to rapidly remove graffiti.

The Summary Offences Act 2005 was amended in 2008 to give council and government powers to remove graffiti that is visible to the public. This extends to both public and private places. For example, publicly visible graffiti on the side of a privately owned building, can now be removed by council or government officers acting in accordance with the legislation.

The legislation allows council and government to:

  • appoint graffiti removal officers
  • issue graffiti removal notices and
  • rapidly remove public graffiti from any place visible to the public.

Read the Summary Offences Act 2005

To help with the implementation of this legislation, the Queensland Police Service has created a Graffiti Removal Powers Guide and a Graffiti Removal Officers' Aide which helps explain the legislation and how to apply it.

Read the Graffiti Removal Powers Guide

Read the Graffiti Removal Powers Aide​

Local councils and government can access forms required to appoint graffiti removal officers and remove graffiti by: