Established in 1948, the Queensland Police-Citizens Youth Welfare Association (PCYC) has established 54 clubs throughout Queensland, in wide-spread and far reaching communities. These clubs have been established in communities of high need where PCYC programs can make a difference to the lives of local residents.

Queensland PCYC’s are unique because of our special relationship and links with the Queensland Police Service (QPS). Every single one of our clubs is managed by a Sergeant of the QPS as its Branch Manager. This encourages positive relationships in the community and fosters unique interactions and experiences between QPS Officers and young Queenslanders within our communities.

Currently there are more than 60 Queensland Police Service officers working with the PCYC to manage and coordinate the operations of the Association across the state. Police officers work with support from the community to deliver a wide range of targeted and diversified programs which cater for the individual needs of their local communities.

Our crime prevention and youth development programs help 50,000 young Queenslanders each year to make positive life choices so they can be the best they can be. 

It all starts here at PCYC. Where it ends, is up to you! Visit for more information.