Q: Why do documents have to be addressed to the Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service?
A: The Commissioner is the owner of all QPS property and legal custodian of QPS records. (s.10.11 Police Service Administration Act 1990)

Q: Why do documents need to be served at the Queensland Police Headquarters?
A: This is the address of the Commissioner of the Queensland Police Service.

Q: Why is personal service required? Why can’t I fax or email it?
A: Personal service is required to ensure the Commissioner receives the document. In some Court proceedings personal service is mandatory.

Q: How do I serve a document if I don’t live in the Brisbane area?
A: There are process serving agencies in Brisbane that will be able to assist.

Q: How do I personally serve a Subpoena, Summons or Notice of Non-Party Disclosure?
A: You attend the Queensland Police Service Headquarters and advise the front desk security officer that you would like to serve a Subpoena, Summons or Notice of Non-Party Disclosure. The security officer will notify the Legal Liaison Unit and a member of this office will come to the front desk to meet you.

Q: Where do I find out how much conduct money is required?
A: Uniform Civil Procedure (Fees) Regulation 1999, s16. (see ‘fees’ section).

Q: Do all amendments to a Subpoena/Summons need Court endorsement (i.e. a stamp)?
A: Yes

Q: I haven’t served the Subpoena in time and now there are insufficient clear days. What do I do?
A: You must get the Court date amended, stamped and then served allowing the time for proper service.

Q: How do I obtain a traffic history?
A: The Queensland Police Service is not the custodian of traffic histories. Please contact Queensland Transport. If you require a Traffic Incident Report, please click here for more information.

Q: How do I find out if the documents I subpoenaed have been provided to the court?
A: Please contact the Court to confirm that the documents have been received.

Q: How do I obtain a Criminal History?
A: You need to make a request to the Manager, Police Information Centre. Further details can be found here​.