Certain Court proceedings require a witness (or person being summoned to produce records) to be paid what is known as conduct money. Conduct money can be payable even if the witness (e.g. the Commissioner) is only producing records and is not physically required to attend Court to give evidence.

Currently the conduct money payable is $77.65 (as of 1/7/2015). This is in accordance with Section 419(1) of Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 and rule 16 of the Uniform Civil Procedure (Fees) Regulation 2009.


Payment can be made by cheque or money order payable to the Queensland Police Service.

You may wish to telephone this office to check if conduct money is payable for your particular type of Court hearing.

In some cases you may be required to pay travel and accommodation expenses for individuals who are required to attend court as witnesses.

Fees associated with requests under s.134A of The Evidence Act 1977

The fees associated with a request under s134A of The Evidence Act 1977 are in accordance with The Evidence Regulation 2007.

If you intend to inspect documents and copy documents, you are required to pay the prescribed fees. Rather than inspection, you can choose to have the documents copied and sent to you. Before releasing documents, we will send you a letter requesting payment and stating the amount due.

Fees associated with Notice of Non-Party Disclosure Requests

The fees associated with a Notice of Non-Party Disclosure are in accordance with the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999.