The Services we offer

The Queensland Police Service provides the community with advice on service related items and initiatives including our annual reports and publications, drug and alcohol management programs and client services issues.

QPS Crime Map
The QPS Information & Communications Technology Command have developed a crime statistics portal providing a geographical analysis of crime in your area. Searches can be made by entering a suburb, street name, post code, a specific time period or an offence. An area map will appear with red dots that represent where the crimes have occurred, what type of offences they were, and if solved or unsolved. Information can be represented as heat maps, graphs or interrogated through a 24-hour wheel function. Data contained in the portal dates back 13 years with the up-to-date information being a week in arrears. 

QPS Data Extracts
The QPS provides information on reported crime trend data including district and region reported offences; reported victim data; reported offender data; missing person data; and active mobile speed camera sites.

Child Protection Offender Registry
An Australian Child Protection Offender Reporting scheme was established by legislation in each Australian State and Territory. The Queensland component of the scheme was established by the Child Protection (Offender Reporting) Act 2004 . This national scheme requires child sex offenders, and other defined categories of serious offenders against children, to keep police informed of their whereabouts and other personal details for a period of time after they are released into the community. This register is not intended to be punitive in nature but is implemented to protect the community by reducing the likelihood that an offender will reoffend and to facilitate the investigation and prosecution of any future offences that they may commit. 

Report a Crime or Incident
The Queensland Police Service accepts a number of on-line reports for non-urgent crimes or incidents.

Administrative Access Schemes
Our administrative access schemes provide information available for purchase on application to either the Queensland Police Service or other agency holding the information. Fees associated with the purchase of documents within administrative access schemes are provided on our QPS Schedule of Fees and Charges 2017.

The Service offers a range of programs designed to inform and educate the community on various policing initiatives and activities.

Neighbourhood Watch
Welcome to the Neighbourhood Watch Queensland (NHWQ) website. This website supports NHWQ groups in their efforts to strengthen and connect our communities for a safe and secure Queensland.

Safeguarding Queensland
Safeguarding Queensland is your central source of counter-terrorism information in Queensland. This site contains details of the State's arrangements for countering terrorism, and information for business and the community.

Weapons Licensing
Provides information on current legislation, policies and procedures regarding Weapons Licensing in Queensland. Individuals and businesses can now apply online for a Weapons Licence and a Permit to Acquire. 

The Queensland Police Service currently comprises approximately 11000 police officers and 4000 staff members. We are committed to increasing the number of police officers for the State and we recruit on an ongoing basis and accept applications continuously.

Facilities and Activities
Highlights those areas and activities of The Service that may not otherwise be known or obvious to the public at large including the Dog Squad, Mounted Police, Museum and our Pipes and Drums band. We also provide tours of Police Headquarters.

Corporate Documents
The QPS provides the following corporate document services: Client Service Issues, Documents For Purchase, External Research Requests, QPS Forms, Operational Policies, Police Wide Load Escorts, Prosecution Contacts - Case Conferencing, Public Notices, Related Links, Reports and Publications and Subpoenas and Civil Actions - Legal Liaison Unit. For more information on any of these services, please view Corporate Documents. The QPS also publishes an Annual Report which details the objectives of the Service; what the Service has achieved during the year and how the Service can tell if its strategies are working effectively (performance assessment).

Events and Alerts
The Queensland Police Service Media and Public Affairs Branch operate 24 hours a day. Members of the branch provide advice and assistance to the media and Service members. The Public Affairs branch also consult, advise, coordinate and manage public affairs, public relations and corporate internal and external communication projects and events.

Police Wide Load Escorts
The Queensland Police Service in partnership with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads and stakeholders from the Trucking Association and Pilot Association recognizes the difficult tasks required for personnel involved in the transport of over-dimensional loads in the State of Queensland. As a result, in consultation with these stakeholders the Heavy vehicle Road Operations Program Office was established to provide a high standard of service that promoted consistency in the assessment and issuing of permits in a timely manner and to provide information to the Transport industry regarding legislative requirements and procedures. For more information, please view the Police Wide Load Escorts​ page.







Note: Some of the documents on this site are currently only available in .pdf format. Should you be unable to read these documents please Contact us​. We will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests for an alternate hardcopy format of the document, free of charge.