Information Privacy Act 2009

As a Queensland Government agency, the Queensland Police Service is subject to the Information Privacy Act 2009 which is designed to protect all forms of personal information from being lost, misused or inappropriately modified or disclosed. The Information Privacy Act 2009 was enacted on 1 July 2009 and replaces the former administrative privacy scheme in Information Standard 42.

The Information Privacy Act 2009 details the Information Privacy Principles, which govern the collection, storage, maintenance, use and disclosure of personal information by public sector agencies.

Personal information is defined as any information that would allow an individual to be identified (for example - name, age or physical characteristics). Personal information can be an opinion (true or false), or anything from which the persons identity could reasonably be ascertained.

Personal information may be stored on a variety of media such as paper, electronic database, photographic and video image, audiotape, digital form, and may also extend to body samples and biometric data.


Your Privacy Rights

QPS Privacy Contact Officer

Enquires in relation to the Information Privacy Principles can be directed to the Privacy Contact Officer, Right to Informatio​n & Privacy on telephone (07) 3364 4666 or email