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Weapons Licensing

Welcome to Weapons Licensing

Weapons Licensing keeps our communities safe, while enabling people with a genuine reason to own and operate a weapon.

Here you can find information about weapons law, and learn how to purchase and store a weapon safely.


Storage of Firearms

You are responsible under the Weapons Regulation 2016 for storing your weapons securely, where persons who are not legally authorised cannot gain access to them.  This includes ensuring that your safe keys or combination codes are not accessible to unauthorised persons.  For this reason, you are encouraged to keep your keys concealed in a different location, away from where your safe storage is located.

Read more about weapons storage here.

Did you know - If you have previously been broken into, statistics show that you are more likely to be targeted in the future.  Take the time today to ensure that your weapons storage arrangements comply with your legal responsibilities.

Secure your safe key - Statistics reveal over one third of firearms are stolen as a result of offenders locating keys to safe storage facilities. Therefore, it is important for all licensees to secure their keys in a covert location, well away from storage facilities.


Online licence validation

You can use our Validate licence card to check the validity of a Queensland weapons licence.  Please note that this service is not to be used in place of physically sighting a Queensland weapons licence card.

Validate licence card

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Weapon licensing

Surrendering or registering an unregistered firearm

If you come into possession of an unregistered firearm you MUST take immediate action to ensure it is surrendered either to a licensed Queensland Firearms Dealer or a Queensland Police Station for safekeeping until the registration process can be completed.
Weapon licensing

About weapons

General information about weapons, categories of weapons, the application process, safe storage and more.