​​What our priorities are and how we are doing

The Queensland Police Service is committed to delivering a high quality innovative, progressive and responsive policing service to the community. Our Priorities incorporates and details our regional strategic plans, annual reports and details of public participation in policy formulation. 

Operational Sentinel Unite
Operation Sentinel Unite is the Queensland Police Service's crime prevention response reinforcing Australia's strategy​ aimed at detecting, deterring and disrupting criminal and terrorist activity. Sentinel Unite will run before the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in the form of a community awareness campaign entitled Project Unite and a strategy for businesses known as Project Unified Response​​​. ​We all have a part to play in keeping Queensland safe.  For more information contact the Unite Team via email.

2017 National Firearms Amnesty

A National Firearms Amnesty will operate for a period of three (3) months, commencing 1 July to 30 September, 2017. This means any person, including licence holders, will have the ability to register or surrender unregistered firearms to a firearms dealer or police station without fear of prosecution. Further, during the firearms amnesty the costs associated with registering a firearm will be waived, meaning, persons wishing to register unregistered firearms will not be charged any permit to acquire fee to register the unregistered firearm. For further information, please visit the Weapons Licensing link.

Protective Services
Protective Services has provided protective security services to the people and property assets of the Queensland Government for more than 60 years.   It protects important government assets including schools, Queensland Cultural Centre, courthouses and government offices across the state.

Who's chatting to your kids?
The internet has brought the world to our children’s fingertips, providing access to vast resources of information and the opportunity to communicate with people from around the world. More...

Domestic and Family Violence - Not Now, Not Ever
Commissioner Stewart and Deputy Commissioners Barnett, Gollschewski and Pointing declare their commitment to do all they can to eliminate domestic and family violence in Queensland.

Cold Call Investment Fraud
Cold Call Investment Fraud (CCIF) relates to attempts by CCIF companies to defraud members of the public. Random or unexpected contact is usually made by a CCIF company via telephone to induce the caller into 'investing' in high return ventures. Once money is obtained by the CCIF company it is very difficult for the 'investor' to get their money back. More...

The Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) is a new national policing initiative of the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. It will allow the public to easily report instances of cybercrime. It also provides advice to help people recognise and avoid common types of cybercrime. More...

Queensland Government Data
The Open Data Initiative is part of the Queensland Public Sector Renewal Program and our vision to create the best public service in the nation, truly focused on our end customer—Queenslanders. For more information, please visit the Queensland Open Data Portal.

Crime Statistics - Queensland Government Data
Crime statistics in Queensland for all police regions, districts and divisions, monthly from July 1997. Please note that Queensland Police do not warrant that the content is complete, accurate or current.

The Queensland Plan - A 30 year plan for Queensland
Queensland is a great state and our future is full of opportunity. We need to work together to make the most of these opportunities and define a long-term vision for Queensland. The Queensland Plan will outline our shared vision for the next 30 years and identify local and statewide priorities. It will harness the collective wisdom of Queenslanders and guide future activities delivered by all levels of government, business and the community.

Reports and Publications
The Queensland Police Service publish various reports and publications including the Annual Report, Statistical Review, Strategic Plan, Ministerial Reports and Statements, Police Bulletin, Corruption Prevention Plan and Simplification Plan.

Strategic Plans
The Strategic Plan outlines the direction for the Queensland Police Service and the strategies for delivering effective policing for Queensland. The QPS Strategic Plan 2017-2021 is effective 1 July 2017 and guides our direction for the next four years. It documents our organisational goals (vision and strategic objectives), how we intend to deliver them (strategies), and how we will assess our progress in delivering them (performance indicators). Within this four-year framework, we also identify the key strategic challenges and opportunities we're facing. This helps us to be flexible and assess and adjust our responses to a dynamic environment. It also ensures we are working toward common goals and guides decisio​ns around identifying and allocating resources. This process informs our annual QPS Operational Plan 2017-2018 which keeps our resources and actions aligned to the goals of the Strategic Plan. It does this by translating our strategic objectives into operational priorities, which are activities over and above business-as-usual responsibilities.​​​ 

QPS Operational Plan 2017-2018

The QPS 2017-2018 Operational Plan supports the Strategic Plan 2017–2021 and contributes to the Queensland Government objectives of delivering quality frontline services and building safe, caring and connected communities. This strategic plan contributes directly to these objectives and will be achieved within a framework of consultation, integrity and accountability.

Annual Report​
Highlighting the Queensland Police Service's activities and achievements.

Corporate Documents
Our annual report is designed to provide public information that will clearly describe:

  • The objectives the Service is working towards (outcomes).

  • How the Service intends to achieve these objectives (policing strategies and outputs).

  • What the Service has achieved during the year (performance - programs and regional activities).

  • What the Service plans to achieve in the following year (performance outlook).

  • How the Service can tell if its strategies are working effectively (performance assessment).

Disability Services Plan
The Disability Service Plan describes what The Service will do to ensure its clients and members with disabilities, their families and carers can access the services and facilities that are available to the broader community.

Safe Night Out Strategy

The Queensland Government’s Safe Night Out Strategy (SNOS) incorporates a range of initiatives to address violence, anti-social behaviour and safety issues around licensed venues. In February 2014 more than 12,000 Queenslanders had their say on the issue of alcohol and drug-related violence in Queensland’s night spots. The views shared through the survey have informed the development of the Safe Night Out Strategy, a draft Action Plan to help ensure everyone can enjoy a safe night out.

Priority Statements
To view the Queensland Police Service Regional, Command and Divisional priorities, please refer to the side menu.


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